Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dollish Picture Extravaganza!

No swatches tonight as I'm not feeling 100%, but I would be remiss if I didn't share today's nail mail!  Today, I received the newest members of my Dollish Polish collection - 7 polishes from Dolly's Super Mario Brothers collection.  Dollish Polish is a hand-made polish brand created by the super creative Dolly.  You can find her store here to purchase these beauties.  She also posts store updates on her store site in the menu on the left, on her facebook page, and on twitter.  You can also find her polishes on Leah Ann Llarowe's site, Llarowe.  The next Dollish restock will be on Llarowe, this Wednesday, at 1pm mst and 7 pm mst.  Be warned, though.  We polish lovers are like a swarm of locusts.  You've gotta move fast to get what you want!

After the Llarowe sale, there are no set plans to restock the Super Mario Brothers collection, so get them while you can!!  All right, get ready for some serious picture spam!

From Left: The Koopa King, Go Luigi, 1-Up, A Peachy Princess, Toad-ally Awesome, Wicked Wario, Dino-mite Yoshi

These are all of the polishes I got in the mail today.  I was lucky enough a few restocks back to have gotten It's a Me Mario already, so I didn't order it again this restock.  

The full Dollish Polish Super Mario Brothers Collection

There's Mario!  Reunited with the gang at last!

I decided to get minis of Wicked Wario, Dino-mite Yoshi, and The Koopa King because they aren't my typical comfort zone colors.  I think I was a bit off on Wicked Wario, though, because I really do love purples.  I may end up trying to get a full size in the Llarowe restock tomorrow.

Here are some closeups of the bottles

Stars, diamonds, and hexes, oh my!

As I was getting pics of these guys, I realized that I have more Dollish Polishes than any other indie brand!  I can't wait to get these all swatched up for you guys!

The gang's all here!

Some people collect Lynnderellas, but it appears that I collect Dollishes!  Man, they are gorgeous!  Just as a reminder, many of these polishes have larger glitters that tend to sink.  Make sure you flip them upside-down a few minutes before you use them, and they should be good to go!  Also, with the major glitter bombs, you might need to use the dab method.

I had planned to do something non-polished related for this post, but it was easier to just spam you with pictures.  I'm planning to share a recipe tomorrow, so stick around if you're interested in some yummy and healthy food!

Which polish brand takes up the most room in your collection?  Which Dollish would you like for me to swatch first?

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  1. Wow, I have never seen so much Dollish Polishes together!!! Congratulations!!!!
    Will have to buy my first one soon.