Thursday, November 7, 2013

Comparison Thursday: Dusty Pink Cremes

Tonight's Comparison Thursday is going to be a simple one - dusty pink cremes.  When I bought OPI Dulce de Leche I thought, hmmm, this seems familiar...  I got it home and took a look at my stash and immediately spotted a polish that was just so close in the bottle that I just had to compare them.  So, I present to you OPI Dulce De Leche versus China Glaze Dress Me Up.

In the bottle, they both look just so similar.  Dress me up is just a hair darker in the bottle than Dulce de Leche.

The bottles and brushes, however, are extremely different.  I vastly prefer the shape of the OPI bottles over the China Glaze bottles.  They're easier for me to hold onto.  As you can see in the photos below, the OPI Pro-Wide Brush is significantly thicker than the China Glaze standard brush.  Application with the Pro-Wide Brush is a little tricky for those with smaller nail beds, but pretty nice for those with larger and longer nails.  The China Glaze brush is a lot thinner, but this polish was so easy to apply that a thinner brush wasn't a problem.

The polishes are vastly different on the nail.  In the bottle, they look pretty similar, but on the nail Dress Me Up dries quite a bit darker.

Dulce de Leche applied like most OPI cremes.  A bit streaky the first coat with a tendency of pooling at the cuticle but building nicely in two to three coats.  Dress Me Up was amazing to work with.  It is a one coater. I LOVE when polishes go on perfectly in one coat!

Here's another shot of them together.  I ended up keeping Dress Me Up and selling Dulce De Leche because I didn't see the need to keep both, and, honestly, why wouldn't I keep the one coater?!

The highly pigmented nature of Dress Me Up made it work great with stamping!  I love the monochromatic look for stamping, and these two were perfect for that.  I think it would've worked better had I applied my Orly Bonder before stamping (pro tip - sticky base coat over top coated undies helps the image transfer from the stamp!).  You can see my review of these two stamped in my guest post for Color Me So Crazy here.

Unfortunately, Dress Me Up was from the Hunger Games collection that came out last year, so it is discontinued.  However, you can often still find it where China Glaze polishes are sold, at salons, or on blog sales.  As far as I know, OPI Dulce de Leche is still available in the OPI core line.  

So the question remains, which do *you* like better?

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  1. I think I like Dress Me Up better, Dulce de Leche is a little too skin-colored for my taste :P Great comparison post!