Friday, November 28, 2014

The Polish Bar: Winter 2014 Collection Release

Tonight, I have some pretty fantastic polishes for you.  I pretty much love everything that The Polish Bar sends me, and that's for good reason!  Her holos are the glossiest and shiniest holos around.  I have no idea how she does it, but they are all as shiny as glass.  Her Winter Collection is no exception!  It will be available December 1 at her shop.  So, instead of wasting your time, let's get to the pics and reviews!  There are tons of photos, so make sure you click on the pics to enlarge them!

Press Sample


Seriously, that name pretty much sums it up!  It's a lovely white-silver holographic with a rainbow of iridescent microflakies that give this baby more depth.  The flakies are very apparent in person, but I just couldn't get my camera to cooperate!  I used four coats for my photos, but I probably could have used just three for full opacity.  The maker suggests using it on its own as well as over other polishes as a holo topcoat.  Dry time is average, and I needed only a little bit of cleanup, probably due to the little brush from the mini bottle.  

Without topcoat, it does have a nice shine, but it's not nearly as glossy as the other holos from this collection.  Actually, all of my Polish Bar holos have a gorgeous glassy shine without topcoat!  I do end up adding a quick dry topper, though, since I have very little patience.  Here, I've added one coat of Alter Ego She Shines.

Mystic Sky

Mystic Sky is a navy blue holo with silver microshimmers.  It's a tad thicker than Starlight, but it still had pretty good application.  The tiny brush did make it a little more difficult to get an even application, but her full size brushes are AMAZING.  

Dry time is fairly quick, so you'll need to work quickly to get this stuff on your nails, otherwise it will drag a little.  Also, you should wait until the previous coat is dry before applying the next one, which will ensure that you don't have any clumping or dragging.  I used three coats for full opacity.  If you can only get one from this collection, this would be my first choice - followed closely by Starlight.

Star Voyage

Star Voyage is a lovely berry red holographic with a gold microshimmer.   Much like with Mystic Sky, it is on the thicker side.  The mini brush made evening it out a little difficult, but I know (and love) her full size brushes will make application smooth and easy.  I was in a bit of a hurry, so I did have to do some minimal cleanup.  

I used three coats for full opacity, but I left the topcoat off of this one so you can see the shine.  Although, it is a bit difficult to see how glossy it is in full sun.  Dry time is about average without a quick dry topcoat.

Cosmic Sea

Cosmic Sea is a green holographic polish with green, pink, purple, and blue holographic glitters.  If you're still looking for a Christmas mani, I would seriously recommend Cosmic Sea!  It looks like a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments on it.  It's a sheer almost jelly polish, so you can see the depth of glitter and holo together very easily.  

Although it is a sheerer and thinner formula, I was easily able to build it up in three coats.  I used one coat of She Shines, and everything was smooth and glossy.  I probably could have forgone the topcoat, but I was in a rush and didn't want it to smudge while I was taking photos.

Dream Galaxy

Dream Galaxy is a lovely indigo linear holographic base with green, blue, pink, purple, and burgundy metallic and holographic glitters.  Much like with Cosmic Sea, it is a thinner and sheerer formula than the other holos. 

I was able to build it up easily in three coats.  Cleanup was easy and didn't stain my skin like a lot of blues tend to do.  Dry time is average.

As I stated above, these lovely polishes will be available at her shop starting Monday, December 1st.  Make sure you follow The Polish Bar's Facebook and Instagram for news and updates!  Which are you most excited to grab?


  1. Beautiful! There are definitely a few in this collection I'd really like.