Wednesday, January 16, 2013

China Glaze QT

I have another China Glaze OMG polish for you tonight - China Glaze QT.  QT has been discontinued for a while, but I managed to snag one at a salon a few months ago.  It's probably my second favorite of the OMG polishes, and only second to LOL by a hair.

Color: Hot pink
Finish: Holographic – pigment gives polish a rainbow in the sunshine.

Bottle / Brush: China Glaze brush – lid is a little hard to hold if you have problems grasping things.  The length and width of the brush are average with average application.
Opacity: High – opaque at two coats!
Glitter Application: N/A
Consistency: Fluid – thin but flows easily from the brush.

Overall Ease of Application: Hard – pools at the cuticles.  Drags, clumps, streaks, and can bald in spots.  Requires quick work to get a smooth result.
Stampability: Not tested for stamping.
Dry Time: Quick – dry to the touch without smudging in under 3 minutes.

Overall Thoughts: Like the other OMG polishes, QT was a bitch to apply.  Although, I seriously think it's worth the hassle.  I'm hoping that the new holo collection from China Glaze that will be out in a month or so has a better formula.  Anyway, QT lasted a long time on my nails for me at about 4 days.  I used QT with Nfu Oh Aqua Base and Seche Vite topcoat.  Also, note that the Seche Vite didn't dull the holo at all.  If you can find QT at a salon near you, grab it as quickly as you can.  There's a lot of hype for this collection, which may be a little overblown, but I believe that QT is deserving of the high praise.  While the application leaves much to be desired, the overall effect is stunning.  I've heard that the OMG polishes stamp really well, so I'm definitely planning to try it out soon.  I'll keep you guys posted on how that works out.

Keep your eyes peeled in a few weeks for the new China Glaze Hologlam collection!  Check out a sneak peek here. That navy is calling to me.

Also, don't forget about the Untried Parade giveaway going on at my Facebook page.  Post your untrieds and you could win a handmade polish by yours truly!  Get those pictures posted!!

What is your favorite holo in your stash?


  1. soooo gorgeous! :) my favorite holo...oh geez. Hard questions. got to say that the color club holos are my fave so far.

    1. Oooh, yeah, I love the Halo Hues. Which is your favorite? I haven't gotten to wear them yet because it's so gross weather-wise here. This mani is from August, lol.