Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer 1st Anniversary! One Gray-t Year!

It's been almost exactly a year since I opened up shop over at Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers.  To commemorate the occasion, I've created a limited edition made just for this restock on Sunday.  The brilliant name was given to me by Jessica of Polished 10, and I think it's perfect!  Let's take a look see.  This post will be picture heavy, so prepare yourselves!

One Gray-t Year is a matte grey polish with rainbow micro-flakies.  It dries to a satin finish instead of a straight matte, but it's still really nice.

This shows three coats without topcoat.  It's a bit shiny because I got some cuticle oil on my nails a bit, but it's definitely more of a satin finish than glossy.

It's a tad on the thicker side, but not difficult to work with.  Application is easy without any flooding or pooling.  Even though it's a matte, there's no issue with balding or clumping, either.

Dry time was a bit on the long side when worn without a quick dry topcoat, so be prepared for that if you're in a hurry.  With topcoat, however, dry time is average.  The photos below show it with one coat of Rush quick dry topcoat.

One Gray-t Year will be available at the Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer store with the rest of the Fan Favorites Collection on Sunday, May 18, at 3:30 pm edt.  This one is a one run polish, so make sure you grab it while it's still available.  The other polishes available for purchase include Newly Impassioned Soul, Fire in Your Eyes, Sordid End, Monster's Tea at Tiffany's, Love Makes You Do the Wacky, Dorkhead?! You Slash Me with Your Words!, We Saved the World, I Say We Party!, Tact Is Just Saying Not True Stuff.  I'll Pass, and Tea is Soothing. I Wish to be Tense.

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