Friday, October 3, 2014

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Halloween Release October 5 at 3:30 pm edt

Man! Life has had me pretty much chained to the computer the past three weeks! Working extra extra hours at my day job because of an insane (and totally unreasonable) deadline. Plus, there's so much going on with Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers this month, that I've been scrambling to get all caught up with that! Phew! Talk about an intense month! So, my apologies for being so absent - even on my Facebook and IG! I legit barely have time to eat food much less take pics of my nails! Bah!  

Anyway, enough of my excuses... Let's take a look at the good stuff - the new Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Halloween Collection, What Wouldn't I Do?, which draws inspiration from one of my favorite movies, Practical Magic.  There are 5 polishes in this collection, but only 4 will be sold individually.  There will be one collection limited edition that will only be available if you purchase the full set.  The holo will be $12 (full)| $6 (mini), the glitters and shimmer will be $8.50 (full) | $5 (mini), and the full collection will be $41.75 (full) | $24 (mini). Ok, so let's get this party started!! Oh, and there are a few kinda sorta spoilers, so proceed with caution! This post is very photo heavy, so I left them on the smaller side. Make sure to click the photo to see it in greater detail!

Deathwatch Beetle

Black microglitter with green, orange, and purple accents. Here, I've worn three coats with and without topcoat. I could've probably been fine with just two coats, but I'm always worried that my photos will capture a bald spot that my naked eye didn't see. Dry time is quick, but be aware that this does have a textured finish. You may need two coats of topcoat to tame this bad boy.

Amas Veritas Spell

Deep green jelly with blue/green iridescent shifting microglitters. Here, I've worn it as three coats with one coat of topcoat. You don't need any extra topcoat to smooth the glitters. This is a jelly, so keep in mind that you may want to slow down your application so you don't get any clumping.

Blood on the Moon

Orange linear holographic with purple shimmers. Here, I've worn two coats with one coat of topcoat. It was almost fully opaque in one coat! The purple shimmers are being shy in my photos, but they are very apparent in person. NOTE: this polish *may* stain your nails a tad. It stained mine a bit, but I wore it without a basecoat. I've asked some of the bloggers who reviewed this one, and they said they didn't have any issues with staining, so I'm wondering if it's just a me problem. Either way, make sure you take care when you wear Blood on the Moon, and use a base coat especially if you know that your nails are prone to staining!

And now to show the shimmers a little better:

I Wished For You, Too

Deep purple with orange and green shimmer. This is almost jelly-like in application, so it can tend to get a little thick. I wore three coats with one coat of topcoat.

Collection LE: Belladonna

White and neon multiglitter toppcoat with all sorts of shapes including flowers, diamonds, skulls, rectangles, squares, and stars. I fashioned the aesthetic of this one after sugar skulls, and I thought that it was also fitting for Belladonna. If you've seen the movie, you may know why. For the individual swatches, I'm wearing it over Deathwatch Beetle and Sordid End (for the macro).  

Belladonna is extremely versatile, so I've shown it in a slideshow below over several other BEGLs. Use the arrows on the sides to scroll through.


So, there you have it!  The What Wouldn't I Do? collection will go on sale at my Big Cartel shop this Sunday, 10/5, at 3:30 pm edt!  They will be retired after this restock, so grab them while you can!!!  Keep up to date with the BEGL comings and goings by following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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