Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An oldie but a goodie: Gelish Shake it til you Samba

Last night, I had to chop my nails completely off.  On both hands.  I died a little.  I've been having some major low breaks lately, so I'm trying to prevent them by keeping them cropped short until I am able to grow out some of the damage a little bit.  Most of the damage is due to my insane obsession with peeling my polish.  It's seriously the worst and nastiest habit in the world, but I just can't help myself.  If the polish starts to chip or pull up at all at any point, I will stop at nothing to get all of the polish off as soon as I possibly can. Sadly, this happened with the ill-fated gels I had destroyed with acetone a few weeks ago. It started to bubble a little, so I picked until it was all off.  Now, my nails are a hot mess.  *Sigh*  Long story short, I will be featuring some older manis I did well before I started the blog as well as manis from a mini-swatchfest I had a few weeks ago in order to avoid frequent polish changes (and acetone exposure) for the next few weeks.  

This is Gelish Shake til you Samba, which is a bright neon pink, topped with Gelish Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Busy, a clear topcoat color with pinkie-purple flecks.

My nails were so long (for me, at least).  What happened??? 

Look at that sparkle!  Ignore the bumps, those are patched tears.

Then, I decided to top it with Essie Matte About You to tone it down for a client meeting.

Nice and toned down. 

And you can still see the flecks!

After the client meeting, I removed the Matte About You topcoat and tried some nail art with it instead.  I drew swirls with my nail art brush dipped in Matte About You, which looked great but was a pain to get off my brush.  Forewarning, it  gets very clumpy on your brush so be prepped to soak it for a little while.

Reminds me of 60s wallpaper, lol.

I wish my nails looked like that again...  Fingers crossed they will soon!

It was a great look that I loved wearing for a little over a week.  That's the good thing about gels, you get really good wear-time out of them.  The only problem is that now I get really bored really easily.  That's going to be the challenge with my attempt to stay away from frequent polish changes for a while.  I get bored easily, and I'm trying to work through my huge untried stash.  Luckily, it's not really growing anymore (thank you no-buy!).

Do you peel your polish?  


  1. Love this one by far my favorite so pretty with the subtle nail art

  2. I love it! Looks...juicy:) The color is amazing and the nail art is beautiful!

  3. I love these nails! The color is awesome!

  4. I seriously love this. Matte over shiny is great with this color. :D