Thursday, September 6, 2012

Comparison Thursday: Red, Black and Silver Glitters

As you may remember from yesterday's post, my basement is still flooded, and I'm still trying to bail it out.  We bought a new sump pump, which seems to finally be doing the trick.  The main issue will be going through the entire basement, which is our storage, to clean up and throw stuff away.  Plus, we're talking about waterproofing the basement and tearing out all of the walls/wood to make sure we aren't breeding mold.  It's going to be long, hard, and crazy expensive, which means I'm on a non-goal related polish no-buy indefinitely.  Although, I will say that I plan to purchase the entire Dollish This Is Halloween collection plus polishes that are tied to personal goals.  So, wish me luck as I try to put on my blinders to such things as the Pretty and Polished and Elevation restocks!!!!  Eeeep!

Ok, on to the topic at hand: Comparison Thursday!!!!  Let's take a look at Nostalgic Wrath and Dollish Polish Team Salvatore.  

 Wrath on thumb and pinkie, Team Salvatore on middle finger.

Here are the bottle shots:

Dollish Team Salvatore 

Nostalgic Wrath

Both are red, black, and silver.  Wrath has gunmetal as compared to Team Salvatore's legit silver.  Wrath is a little less busy, and Team Salvatore is very dense.  Both have red and black hexes and squares.  Team Salvatore has silver medium and fine hexes, and Wrath has large and fine gunmetal hexes.  

(As an aside, I apologize for the bubbles, blurriness, and terrible skin.  Bubbles and blurriness are user error.  Terrible skin is from my latest most awesome eczema flair-up.  Blarg.  I hate allergies!!!)

I asked the husband which I should keep, and he asked me why I couldn't keep them both...  I think that's a valid questions, lol.  Granted, I should've expected him to like them both since they are Georgia Bulldog colors.  

Nostalgic Wrath has been discontinued, but you can purchase her other polishes here.  Dollish Team Salvatore is still available in mini size here or in full size here.

Do you have another red, black, and silver glitter that would compare well with Team Salvatore or Wrath?  Out of these two polishes, which one would you keep?

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  1. I'd keep Team Salvatore! I like the square pieces, and I'm obsessed with the show! But it's sold out now. :(