Monday, September 10, 2012

Spank You Very Much!!!

Firstly, we're only 21 followers away from this kick a$$ giveaway:

Spread the word to your nail polish loving friends so I can get this giveaway going!  Who knows, if we get there quickly, I may throw in a surprise second prize!

Now, on to today's post!  Remember a few weeks ago when I tried out wearing gels as a basecoat for my various glitter toppers?  And it was a major disaster because I totally ravaged the gel with acetone???  You remember that?!  Ok, well, I tried again.  This time it has been MUCH more successful!  I decided to use ProGel Deep Abyss again since I have so many polishes that would look great layered over black.  One such polish is Dollish Polish's Spank You Very Much.  (Check out my comparison post from two weeks ago that included SYVM.)  I finally got around to wearing it on its own this past weekend, and I seriously love it.

SPYVM is made up of fine green and teal hexes, medium purple hexes, and larger teal hexes in a clear base.  Since I was going for a less busy look, I did a very light application.  It applied very easily spreading out without much work on my part.

Check out the closeup.  Isn't this gorgeous?!

Finally, no bubbles!  Hallelujah!

It's also very sparkly.  The fine green hexes are holo, so they throw out a rainbow of colors in different lighting.  Here's an intentionally blurry pic so you can see the sparkle.

Since I wore this over gels, it was a tad difficult to remove.  Glitter + non-acetone remover = major issues.  However, I found a little felt, cut it up into squares, soaked it in non-acetone remover, and bam!  No more glitter!  Normally, if I'm wearing glitter on my nails I'll soak them in acetone to help with removal.  Obviously, that's not really possible with gels on, so the felt option was the next best thing.

Verdict: I <3 Spank You Very Much.  It's a gorgeous glitter polish, and the flashes of purple really make this polish stand out from the others.  Definitely keeping this guy.

You can purchase Dollish Polishes at her store here or on Llarowe or Overall Beauty.  Currently, Dolly doesn't have plans to restock SYVM in her store, but it is available on Llarowe.

On a more serious note, today is World Suicide Prevention Day.  More people than you may realize are suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts.  If you need help or to talk to someone, reach out to friends, family, or suicide prevention centers, such as the National Counsel for Suicide Prevention.  You're not alone!    Your friends and family will not hate you or avoid you if you ask them for help.  Depression lies, don't listen to it!