Thursday, October 11, 2012

Comparison Thursday: Black and White Glitters

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Two quick announcements before we get to the comparisons.  Firstly, my big Halloween giveaway is still going!  It ends at midnight on Friday, October 19th, so if you haven't entered, hop to it!  Second, I wanted to announce that I am participating in Kyoti's Nails' Halloween giveaway as well!  My prize is a brand new bottle of OPI Coral Reef, which is a discontinued orange linear holographic polish, plus some Halloween decals, a file, and tons of candy!

There are several bloggers and polish makers involved with this epic giveaway, so go and check out Kyoti's post with all of the prizes.  Enter below or at Kyoti's blog.  Good luck!

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Ok, now let's get on to the comparisons!!  Today, I'm showing you the four black and white glitters I own.  I used Nicole by OPI I'm Be-Cider Myself for undies, which is a peachy-orangey-pinky multichrome polish that, I believe, has been discontinued.  I've had this polish since college, which has been a very long time.  I was trying to decide if I wanted to keep it or sell it...  Needless to say, I'm keeping it.  The polishes I'm comparing today are Cover Band's Sticks 'n Stones (a dupe of Lynnderella Connect the Dots), Candeo Sprouse, Pretty & Polished Valentino, and Dollish Polish Putting on the Ritzzz!

Here are macros of the bottles.

Here they are side-by-side on my hand.

Sticks and Stones is a clear based polish with several sizes of black and white glitter, fine holographic glitters, and black and white bars.  It has the best application of the four.  Plenty of glitter came out on the brush, so I didn't feel like I had to gob it on to get enough to cover my nail.  I've had this polish for several months, and so far the bars show no signs of curling.

Candeo Sprouse has extra fine holographic particles which make the base look a little cloudy, plus various sizes of black and white hexes, black and white bars, and gorgeous blue holographic hexes.  It applied well, spreading out easily without having to dab.  Unfortunately, it did pool a bit, but that was user error.  I wasn't really sure how much I needed to put on to get enough glitter, so I went a little overboard.  Because of the pooling, there are a few bubbles, but most of the cloudiness you see is from the holographic particles.

Pretty & Polished Valentino has fine, medium, and large black hexes and medium and large white hexes.  If you don't like bar glitters and want a black and white glitter polish, this is the one for you.  I had to dab this one to get enough glitter on the nail and to place them where I wanted them.  Since it required a bit of work, I have some bubbling.  I have decided not to keep this one, but if I had kept it, I would apply two thin coats next time instead of trying to pile it all on in one.

Dollish Polish Putting on the Ritzzz! was the hardest one of the four to apply.  The glitters were extremely shy and refused to come out of the bottle despite storing it upside down for hours before I painted the just one nail.  There was significant pooling and bubbling because I tried really hard to get as much glitter onto the nail as possible.  PotR is a clear based polish with three sizes of black and white hexes.  Like Valentino, PotR also does not contain any bar glitter, but, after the application hassle, I would recommend Valentino over PotR any day.

So, there you have it!  I'm constantly trying to weed out the dupes/near dupes, so I have decided to only keep Sprouse and Sticks 'n Stones.  I feel that the pop of blue makes Sprouse just different enough from the regular black and whites to warrant keeping both.  I probably could've tossed Dollish Polish Something's Up with Jack in with these guys, but I totally forgot!  Check out my swatches of Something's Up with Jack here.

Here's purchasing information for the indies: Cover Band can be purchased at Ninja Polish, and you can follow Ninja Polish on Facebook here.  Candeo can be purchased at their store and Llarowe, and you can follow them on Facebook here.  Pretty & Polished can be purchased at their Etsy store and on Llarowe, and you can follow Chelsea on Facebook here.  Lastly, Dollish Polish can be purchased at her store, on Llarowe, and on Overall Beauty, and you can follow her Facebook here.

Don't forget to enter both Halloween giveaways!  There are tons of amazing prizes to be had!  Check back tomorrow for part two of the Dollish This is Halloween collection.  Have a great night, all!

Do you have a black and white glitter from another maker?  Which of my black and white polishes would you rather have?