Thursday, October 18, 2012

Comparison Thursday: Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

This week has been CRAZY.  Like, for real crazy.  I have been putting off setting up my business for about a year, but this week a very old friend who also practices law decided to mentor me and get my butt in gear!  I have had networking meetings galore, which means boring manis during the day.  However, I'm very pleased to say that I am now ready for paying clients!  I'm pretty freaking exhausted right now.  Wish me luck on this crazy endeavor!

Since I'm doing breast cancer awareness on the blog this week, it's only fitting to use those gorgeous baby pinks in my Thursday Comparison!  Apparently, I have a crap-ton of baby pink glitters, so here we go!  Pink glitters on parade!

Lacquer Convention Galinda, Polish, Eh? Confectionary, Lynnderella Matter of the Heart, Maisie Shine Fairy Floss, Lacquerhead Polish Baby Girl, Whimsical Ideas by Pam My Friend Carol, and Pretty & Polished Cheer Camp

Here they are on my fingers.

Galinda is a pink jelly polish with pink, periwinkle, and fuschia hexes.  It applied evenly without much manipulation.  I wore it later on top of my Gelish You're so Sweet You're Giving me a Toothache mani, which I'll show you tomorrow.  It really liked it over the solid creme.

Fairy Floss is a pink creme based polish with a slight shimmer and pink, fuchsia, red, and silver holographic hexes, sqaures, and bars.  It was a little thick in application.  The glitters were a bit hard to get out of the bottle, and the bars refused to lie flat.  They weren't curled, but they didn't do well on the nail.  Also, the glitters were hard to see when you use more than one coat.  I probably will toss this one on the sale page, so if you're looking for it, go here in a few days.

My Matter of the Heart came crushed in the mail.  It was one of my biggest lemmings, and a friend sold it to me for cheap, which means I couldn't get another bottle.  Luckily, I was quick enough to get about 2/3 into mini bottles before the whole thing was wasted.  MotH is a pink creme based polish with hexes, squares, and hearts in purple, fuchsia, pink, silver holographic, and red. I'm not sure if it's because I have it decanted, but it was very thick.  Then again, almost all of the Lynns I have are thick.  Either way, I used 3 coats here, but I should've used just 1 over some undies.  There was WAY too much going on here.  The glitters were a pain to get out, especially the hearts, and required serious manipulation to get it to come off the brush.  I loved this polish in theory, but it's execution is lacking.  I'll post pics I took of MotH over my Gelish baby pink mani tomorrow, and you'll probably agree that it looks so much better that way.

Lacquerhead Polish Baby Girl is a pink creme based polish with hot pink, purple, and fuchsia hexes.  It applied well, but would also be better as one coat over undies.  It started to thicken as I went along, but it wasn't unmanageable.  I'm pretty sure a drop or two of thinner would fix that right up.  The glitters spread out well on their own.  I received this guy from a swap group I'm in, which I will post about at a later date (it's super cool and I can't wait to share!).

Polish, Eh? Confectionary is a baby pink creme with a rainbow of colors in hexes and squares.  This polish applied the best out of all of them other than maybe P&P Cheer Camp.  It was the perfect consistency and the glitters spread out perfectly.  Love love love this polish!

Whimsical Ideas by Pam is a super light baby pink creme with light pink hexes in two sizes.  I mattified it, and I'm just in love with how it came out.  I only have a few Whimsies, but the ones I have are just gorgeous and easy to work with.  I'm sure this one would look great as a jelly sandwich, but I chose to layer it over my Gelish mani.

Last, but certainly not least, is one of my all time favorite polishes, Pretty & Polished Cheer Camp.  I love this polish more than I can explain.  I mean, seriously.  It's a pale baby pink with pink, purple, and fuchsia hexes.  In the macro, you can see that it builds fine on its own without undies, but in the swatch above I have it over undies.  It applies extremely well without pooling, thickening, or glitter manipulation.  I'm just so in love with this polish. It's perfectly understated that I think you could get away with it during a normal day at the office.  Probably not the best idea to wear it to a meeting, though.

So there you have it!  Here is the ordering information for each of these polishes.  Pretty & Polished: Etsy, Llarowe, Facebook, Twitter.  Polish, Eh?: Etsy, Facebook.  Lacquerhead Polish: Etsy, Facebook.  Whimsical Ideas by Pam: Facebook.  Lacquer Convention: Etsy, Facebook.  Lynnderella: blog, eBay.  Maisie Shine: Etsy, Facebook.

Which is your favorite?


  1. Whimsical ideas is so so pretty, they are all really gorgeous but that one stands out the most!

    Jazz x

  2. Whimsical Ideas is so beautiful! Seeing your swatch makes me want to run out to get it haha

  3. Those are all very pretty. I'm having a hard time picking the one I like best so I'd have to get them all. :D

    Congrats on getting your business going! I know it can be hard work, but it'll also be very worth it in the end.