Thursday, April 25, 2013

Comparison Thursday: Deep Purple Shimmers

Tonight's going to be a quick one...  I'm phoning it in, as it were, lol.  It's been a looooooooong day, but I didn't want to skip tonight!  Let's take a look at a comparison of deep purple/blurple shimmers: OPI Ink, Zoya Mimi, and Color Club Glitter Wonderland.

Oh, and don't ask me why I don't have macro shots...  I'm not really sure why I forgot them!


Ink is a deep blurple that leans purple in some lights and blue in others.  There is a strong pink shimmer that glows in low light.  Unfortunately, you can't really see it here...  Application is a little difficult.  It's definitely one that you have to work quickly with to ensure that you don't drag, clump, or bald.  It's a bit of a stainer, too, so be careful when you're painting and avoid getting any on your cuticles.  If you do, just use a little bit of cuticle remover once your polish is dry and scrape it off.  Or, scrape it off in the shower after your polish has had time to dry.  I purchased my Ink at a salon, but there was also one hanging out at my local grocery store for quite a while.


Mimi is a deep purple multichrome that flashes pink and blue.  It's also a lot more sheer than I had expected with the first two coats going on a bit streaky.  It builds nicely in four coats, which is what I've used here.  It looks great alone, but it's also fantastic with a mattified glitter layered on top.  Mimi is more of a true purple than Ink, but not quite as purple as Glitter Wonderland.  I purchased Mimi on sale at Ulta a few months ago.

Glitter Wonderland

Glitter Wonderland is a pretty purple with blue and pink shimmers.  The shimmers are just as evident on the nail as it is in the bottle.  It applies well enough, but it definitely doesn't have the best application of the three. It's a bit tricky in that certain top coats can cause some serious shrinkage.  Also, it's scented, which isn't one of my favorite things.  Glitter Wonderland was a limited edition shade that came out in the Winter Affair collection this last year.  I've seen them in the sales bins at Sally's recently, so if you want this baby, definitely check there!

There you have it!  They're not really dupes or near dupes, but they were close enough for me to decide I don't need all three.  I'm trying to overcome my hoarding ways when it comes to polish, so I'm making sure I get rid of anything that is near enough that I don't really need to have more than one!

Which is your favorite?


  1. Great comparison! Out of these I like glitter wonderland the best, but I don't wear a lot of dark blues or dark purples and I actually have another one that could be right on your list Color Club Electronica.

  2. Good luck with that! I think Glitter Wonderland is my fave, or perhaps Mimi...

  3. I like the OPI Ink. Specifically because it does not take so many coats. Who has that.kind of time these days? :D

  4. My fav blurple which is not included. Is really more blue, but I love it so much I had to buy a backup and that is an almost never for me is Tomorrow Never Dies OPI. I just keep going back and wearing it, I love it so much. And it wears better than any other polish I have for some reason. Less chipping etc.