Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer: It's Smaller on the Outside

Today is a special day.  I'm going to show you one of the polishes I'm giving away in the Spring Fling Giveaway!  If you haven't already entered, you should!  Remember, even one entry will give you a shot at winning.  You don't need to follow everyone on every platform to win, but it does increase your odds.  Also, most of the ladies involved in the giveaway have awesome blogs or awesome products, so you may be happy to follow them after all!  Let's get to it.

Both Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers included in my prize: ISOTO and Morning Light

Yes, I make my own polishes.  I enjoy making without being on a tight schedule, so I don't currently sell anything I make.  However, I often include Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquers as prizes in giveaways, so if you want them, the best way to get them is to participate!

It's Smaller on the Outside is based off of one of my favorite TV shows, Doctor Who.

Usually, when one enters the TARDIS, one remarks on it's largeness of size inside.  However, the second incarnation of Ms. Clara was the first companion to remark on how much smaller the TARDIS is on the outside.  As soon as I heard that line, I just knew I needed to make a polish with that name.  I posted these photos on my Facebook page a little while ago, but here they are again just in case.

To make it a little easier on me, lol, I'm going to abreviate this polish as ISOTO.  Anyway, ISOTO is a blue based polish with blue and gold shimmer chock full of blue glitters in various shades of blue as well as blue to green iridescent glitters.  I've also included blue hearts as a nod to the Doctor's two hearts.

It's opaque in around three coats, but I think it would look pretty good layered over some blue undies.

If you want to won ISOTO, you'll need to enter the Spring Fling giveaway!

Have you entered yet?  Which prize are you looking forward to the most?


  1. I absolutely love Doctor Who. Although I'm still on the fence about Clara (and really wish River would show up to put in end to all the forehead kissing that the Doctor is doing with Clara), I loved her unique take on the TARDIS and it's interior/exterior size difference :)

    The polish is AWESOME!