Thursday, May 2, 2013

Comparison Thursday: Lilac Holos

Tonight's Comparison Thursday will be a little disjointed, and I apologize for that.  Originally, the only two lilac holos I owned were A-England Princess Tears and Color Club Fashion Addict, so I had planned to do this post a very long time ago with just those two polishes.  I'm really glad I waited, though, because I was able to add three other polishes to the line-up.  However, I didn't have all of these beauties at the same time, so the line-up photos will be a little off as I had sold Fashion Addict before I did the final comparison swatches.  Womp womp!  Anyway, let's get to it!

The players: Color Club Cloud Nine, A-England Princess Tears, OPI DS Diamond, China Glaze Visit me in Prism, and Color Club Fashion Addict

Cloud Nine

Well.  I think we should address the massive elephant in the room first.  There's clearly one obvious winner in this bunch - Cloud Nine.  Let's tackle it head on, and then maybe we can take a look at the others that pale in comparison to this amazing work of art.  The linear holo is so bright in Cloud Nine that it's blinding.  The rainbow effect is so strong that the polish almost looks like it has a foil effect to it.  Unfortunately, application was a bit more tricky than some of the others.  You have to work quickly with application to keep it from balding and dragging.  Further, it definitely shows every. single. imperfection. in your nail, so buff it with a shine block or use an aqua base before you apply.  Excuse my smudge!  I purchased my Color Club Halo Hues on

Princess Tears

Princess Tears is unique to the bunch because it has a very pretty lilac to pink shimmer on top of the holo effect.  Application for all of the A-Englands I've tried has been amazing, and Princess Tears is no exception.  The only down side is that the holo isn't nearly as strong as other holos I own, especially when it's put right next to Cloud Nine.  It's almost unfair to poor pretty Princess Tears...  I purchased my A-Englands on Llarowe.

DS Diamond

I'm not going to lie.  I was extremely disappointed with this DS, which, I guess, is because I'm used to the linear beauties from the older DS line.  Sadly, Diamond was a scattered holo that wasn't even really all that holo.  It's like it wanted to be holo, but it fell short.  Application was a bit difficult because it had the tendency to flood the cuticles.  Since Diamond has been discontinued, I found mine while I was out dusty hunting at a salon.

Visit me in Prism

Visit me in Prism was another dusty find, but I've got to say that I liked it way more than Diamond!  Application was easy but a little watery.  This is four thin coats, and I had to be a little careful with application to make sure I wouldn't flood my cuticles.  Prism is a scattered holo, but the colors refract the light perfectly, and it's probably my second favorite next to Cloud Nine!  Again, since this polish has been discontinued, you'll need to check your local salons to see if they have any they'd be willing to sell.

Fashion Addict

Fashion Addict is another scattered holo that shows up alright in the sun.  It's a little lighter than the rest and its rainbow effect is middle of the range.  Sadly, it's another polish that will show every imperfection on your nail.  Case in point, my index finger.  Ugh.  It also flooded my cuticles pretty easily.  You can purchase Fashion Addict where core Color Club colors are sold.  I believe I saw a few at my Bed Bath and Beyond the last time I was in there.

So, there you have it!  My pick from this bunch is obviously Cloud Nine.  How could it not be?  But each one of these polishes has its own unique positive points.  I will say, though, that you really don't need all of them if you're looking to de-dupe or destash.  Although, these are all really good for collecting if you're looking to keep collections together.  I ended up selling all but Cloud Nine, but that's because I'm moving.  

Which is your favorite?


  1. I do like princess tears but none of them scream lilac. Metal lilac? hehe

    I really prefer how lilac/pastel purple Aly's Dream Polish 'Rumpleberry' looks for holographic polish.

  2. CC - OMG! I still haven't bought any of their holos yet, like a tard I never think about it when I'm blowing my polish money :/

  3. This is an awesome comparison post! I have a few of these and now I feel justified for keeping all of them (I LOVE holos!) :P