Friday, May 24, 2013

OPI DS Signature

I had wanted to make today Comparison Friday since I missed out on Comparison Thursday yesterday, but then I saw these pictures in my queue and instantly changed my mind.  The OPI DS collection used to be so awesome.  The polishes from that line now are nice, but, in my opinion, not worth the extra price.  If you are able to find some of the holo DS's, grab them as quickly as you can as they are no longer made.  In fact, OPI has stated via their Facebook page that they no longer have access to the pigment they previously used for their holos and, thus, will no longer make holo polishes.  It's such a shame.  They were my longstanding favorites.  However, the new Color Club Halo Hues have edged the DS's out of the top position with their over-the-top bling.  Even still, one of my favorite holos is OPI DS Signature.

*I was not financially compensated for this post.  All items in this review were purchased by me for my own use.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy in the tab above.*

Color: Deep rose / muted fuchsia holographic.

Finish: Holographic – pigment gives polish a rainbow in the sunshine.

Bottle / Brush: OPI bottle with the new wide brush – if you have small nail beds, this brush may be too large for you.  The wide brush tends to cause the polish to flood your cuticles, so you have to be very careful when applying.  Don't get too much polish on the brush when you're ready to apply it to the nail.  The wand length and cap are both standard OPI, and has a pretty average application.

Opacity: Medium – achieves opacity at three to four coats.
Glitter Application: N/A
Consistency: Fluid – thin but flows easily from the brush.

Overall Ease of Application: Medium – applies well with minimal pooling, dragging, streaking, or balding.  Spreads well without much manipulation.
Stampability: Not tested for stamping.

Dry Time: Medium – dry to the touch with minimal smudging in 3-8 minutes.

Overall Thoughts: Signature is probably one of my favorite holos.  It applies like a normal polish and isn't a massive pain in the butt like most holos.  The consistency is on the thin side, so you have to be careful with pooling, especially coupled with the wide brush.  Even though the layers are thin, coverage builds nicely in three coats.  It's so vivid, both in color and in rainbow, which is why it is one of my favorite holos.  The holo is more of a scattered-linear holo instead of a straight holo, but I almost like that better.  The holo particle OPI used for Signature is larger than the one used for straight holos like the new China Glaze Hologlam collection.  Overall, I love this polish.

Sadly, the holographic DS's are long discontinued.  I found mine at a local salon along with a few other DS's, and I grabbed them all as quickly as I could.  I was actually surprised when the salon owner sold them to me, and threw in DS Glamour for FREE.  I didn't tell him how much they were worth.  That was my little secret.  Heheheh.  You can purchase their new DS's at salons, Ulta, and other places where OPI are sold.

What's your favorite pink holo?


  1. Gorgeous color, but I didn't buy any of the DS's because of the retarded price difference. I don't like the big, fat brushes but I hate the skinny ones brands like Julep use too lol. I think I still prefer indie holos, and shall continue to kick myself in the a$$ for constantly forgetting to order some CC holos!

    1. They're still around! Here's a link to my Amazon search: