Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guest Post: Charlotte my UK Polish Swap Buddy

Hi everyone!
I am Charlie and "met" Julie through the polish community - we arranged an international swap last year then were rudely sabotaged by the UK mail system. Needless to say we seem to have found a workaround that works!

I don't have a blog but am a polish lover. Being in the UK I figured I'd share a UK brand with you.  This brand is not very well known and I have no idea why as they make some fabulous polishes and they are cheap! On average about £1.99 a bottle which considering most polishes here are £5-£10 its a bargain (exception being Barry M who are about £3-4)

So let me introduce you to W7.

I've chosen the sprinkles collection of 3 polishes as it's a small recent collection. But they also do some great glitters and a fantastic "Metallic Planets" collection which has some lovely duochromes.

All seemed to be pretty opaque at 2 coats but I used 3 just to be certain. They all have a lovely formula not too watery but not thick either and the glitter applied evenly as well as having plenty on the brush.

First up is Salt n Pepper. This is small pieces of black micro glitter in a white base and the name is very apt. I'm not sure if it's matt glitter or if the white base makes it seem so but the black glitter is not sparkly even with top coat.

Next up is Mosaic
This is a blue base with pastel coloured lavender and pink glitter as well as and gold. It's pretty much a dupe for the much more costly (£11 per bottle) Nails Inc sprinkle polish Pudding Way. Again these are Matt glitters.

Finally I have Lava Flow.
This is very similar to the salt n pepper polish with the same white base and black matt glitter with the addition of red sparkly glitter. I've used this in a Halloween themed mani as when I swatched it I felt it was quite easily turned into a blood/gore mani as the base was already there.

I hope you enjoyed my guest post. Till then greetings form across the pond :) XO

Yaaaay!  Thanks so much, Charlie for helping me out today!  :D  Much love to my swap buddy!!

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