Monday, October 28, 2013

Guest Post: Color Me So Crazy with PolishTBH

Hello and a big THANK YOU to Julie for letting me do a guest post for her! I am such a super fan of Wishes of  a Blue Eyed Girl and all that she does! So, anyway since she supports me and my endeavors I will always support her! So I was going to prepare a little Halloween Art Tutorial for you all, but that failed- story of my Nail Life!!! I decided to do the next best thing- THERMALS!!

I will be showing you all Island Fantasy by Polish TBH. I used to rock the thermals when I was a tweeny, but now they are back and I love them!! This one is a turquoise/ teal base with gold glitter. It changes to a bright yellow/ green in warmth and it's flipping awesome!! When I put this on, I was reminded that I totally need to get more thermals. BUY ALL THE THERMALS! *hint hint* Julie :)

Anyway, before I chit chat your ears off, here are the pics. Enjoy and be sure to check me out on my Bloggy Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Google Plus and Pinterest!

These two above are just normal wear in room temperature. Well, at least my room temperature. No temp manipulation at all.

This is after the cold water dip. I literally ran my nails under cold water for about 10 seconds. 

This is after about a 10 second stint under warm/hot water. 

This is under warm/hot water with a flash to show the bright yellow. I also dipped the bottle under water- which by the way, don't do. My label is no longer there. TBH bottles are apparently not meant to be dipped under water :( 

These last pictures are of the tips dipped in cold and rest under warm/hot. 

The only issue that I had with this polish, besides the dissolvable label, was that the polish kind of got "stuck" for a little when it was shocked in between extreme temps. I had run it under warm water and it literally stayed that bright yellow for about an hour before I finally painted over it. The bottom line is I need to get more thermals!!!

Polish TBH- Island Fantasy

Yeah, I don't have any thermals, but this post has seriously made me realize I need to add some to my ISO list!  Thank you so much for showing us this gorgeous polish, Brigitte!  Don't forget to go and follow her over at Color Me So Crazy!

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