Friday, August 15, 2014

Blog 2 Year Birthday Giveaway Prizes Part Two

So, yeah, I'm having to work tonight (still not done, in fact, *sigh*), so this will be pretty short.  There's only about half an hour left before my 2nd year blog birthday giveaway is over!  So, make sure you enter here!  Now, let's take a look at the rest of the prizes!

Lilypad Lacquer I Just Think It's Pink

IJTIP is a bright hot pink polish packed with flakies and holographic glitters.  I only needed two coats, but I probably could've just gone with one coat instead.  Dry time was quick, and application was super easy.  I'm so in love with the vivid brightness of this polish!

Model City Polish Strawberry Jam

I've got a full review of Strawberry Jam here, so make sure to check it out.  I just love how squishy this polish is!  And the sparkle!  Ahh, I love it so much!

Color Club Eternal Beauty

Application for EB was fairly easy and didn't require the use of an aqua base, which is fantastic!  Application was fairly easy and didn't really pool, drag, or bald like a lot of the other mainstream ultra-holos.  I used three coats to ensure opacity, but it only really needed two.  

Emerald and Ash Mie Scattering

Mie Scattering is a white jelly with a subtle holo shimmer.  It's a true jelly, so you'll need to layer it with other polishes to get rid of the nail line.  Here, I used five coats to try and cover up any sheer spots.  It can get a tad thick, so you may need to thin your bottle a little bit.  Otherwise, application was fairly easy without much need for cleanup.  It's my go-to white jelly, and it's just so squishy and gorgeous.  Dry time was average.

Elevation Polish Ave Secretan

For some reason, my photos are looking a lot more red than it really is.  It's actually a lovely bright pink and not really red.  I love the consistency of this creme, and it applies easily in just two coats, but I used three coats for my photos.  There was a little need for cleanup, but nothing too serious.  Dry time was fairly quick with a quick dry topcoat.

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Hypothermia

You can check out a full review of Hypothermia here.  It was a super limited edition that I released last year as a free gift with purchase of my full winter collection.  It will be back off and on as a free gift with purchase or prizes for giveaways, but it will never be sold individually.

So, there you have it!  Those are all of the prizes for the giveaway!  Which are you most excited about?  I'll have the winners announced sometime tomorrow evening.  Good luck, everyone!

Oh, and if bits and pieces of this post made no sense or were grammatically incorrect, please note that I'm running on fumes here...  I hope to be able to catch up on some sleep sometime in 2015...  ;)