Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pretty Little Liars: Ninja Polish Divinity

Time for a later night #RedCoatTueday!  And, strangely, I'm actually watching tonight's episode while I write my post!  Tonight's photos are sticking with the theme of oldie but goodie that I've been doing this past week, so the photos and the lighting aren't the best.  Aaaaaand the details are a little sparse.  I'm sorry!  Don't shoot me!!  Anyway, let's take a look at Ninja Polish Divinity over Orly Bus Stop Red, but first, the rules!

The rules are easy!
  • Paint your nails red, do your lips red, do a shadow design in red, or do anything beauty related that is mostly red.
  • Add your blog and photo to the inlinkz!  If you don't have a blog but do have an IG, you can check this link for directions on how to use your IG for inlinkz.  If you don't have a blog or IG, you can just add your photo to the linkup or send it to Color Me So Crazy, and she will get them up for you!
  • Use the #RedCoatTuesday tag when you share your photos on IG, Twitter, or Facebook!
[I purchased these polishes myself.]

Ninja Polish, the now defunct brand, came out with this lovely polish as their version of the elusive Unicorn Pee.  It's got a red base with a green to purple to gold to red shifting shimmer.  I'll have a comparison of those two soon, I promise, but I can say that it is really very close to Clarins 230, just more opaque.

The first coat of Divinity is self-leveling and almost opaque enough to be a one coater.  You only really need two coats for full opacity, but I decided to wear this over Orly Bus Stop Red.  Even though I only wore one coat, it's still got lovely depth.

In most lights, it looks like a pretty red/gold shimmer, but when you get it in the shade or look at it at different angles, you can see that lusciously gorgeous shift.

I just love how it looks like it's on fire!

Dry time is average, and the wear time is amazing.  The next two photos show this after four days of wear with only minimal tip wear.  They were both also taken in the magical box known as my refrigerator.  Heh.

I mean, look at that shift!  I loooooove this polish so hard.  I thought I may give it up after doing my comparisons, but man, these pics are helping me remember why I loved it to begin with!  This lovely lady will be used again in the near future!

Sadly, Divinity is no longer available for purchase as Ninja Polish has closed up shop.  It's such a shame, too, because this is just a gorgeous polish.  If you see it on a blog sale for a decent price, it's definitely worth the money!  So, there you go!  What do you think?  Do you have any of the "Unicorn Pee" dupes?



  1. I really like this! It kind of reminds me of OPI La Boheme which I have but haven't worn yet. What is wrong with me?

    1. Yeah, it does! I think my bottle of La Boheme is a dud, though :( It looks cool in the bottle, but it doesn't show up on my nails at all =/