Thursday, August 14, 2014

Comparison Thursday: Blue and Teal Microglitters plus Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer SE Terrific Twos

It's another Thursday and another comparison, but I wanted to show you guys the new Special Edition Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer that I created to celebrate my blog's 2nd birthday!  I did a little comparison of a few other blue and teal microglitters to give you a bit of an idea where Teriffic Twos falls within the spectrum, which you can find at the bottom.  First, though, let's take a quick look at Terrific Twos on its own.  [Also, take a look at my cutesie label!  It was designed by Sara of Born for a Storm, and I <3 it so hard!!!]

Teriffic Twos has a clear base that is jam packed with microglitters in teal, sky blue, purple, blue, and turquoise.  It's so packed with glitter that it dries to a textured finish.  You can wear it with topcoat, though, for a glossy and sparkly finish.  It is a tad on the thicker side, so you may want to add a bit of thinner to get it to your desired consistency.  However, the thicker formula makes application a little easier since it doesn't pool on the skin around my nails.  Dry time is a little long if you decide to go with the textured finish, but it was fairly quick with a quick dry topcoat even with an extra coat of Gelous before I applied my KBShimmer Clearly on Top.  Ok, so let's take a look at a few photos and then get to the comparison.

 Matte without topcoat.

With topcoat.

This little baby is also a part of all of the prizes in my Blog's 2nd Birthday Giveaway, so don't forget to enter it here!  I'm not certain if I'm going to sell this polish or if it'll be just for giveaways, what do you guys think?  

So, now let's get to the comparison portion.  

I chose to compare Terrific Twos to a few Lynnderellas: G. Whizard, Esq, B.A. Whizard, II, Thank Blue, and Do You Paraiba?.  Let's talk similarities.  They're all full of holographic microglitters.  They all dry matte and require two coats of topcoat to make them glossy and smooth.  And they all dry quickly with a topcoat.  Now, let's check out the differences!

G. Whizard, Esq.

G. Whiz is packed with just silver and light blue microglitters in a clear base.  It's the lightest blue of the grouping.  It spreads evenly on the first coat without the need for the dab method.  Note, though, that it's quite concentrated, but not clumpy.  It provides almost full coverage in just one coat, but I ended up doing three coats to ensure that all spots were covered for my photos.  Application was easy to control without cleanup.  

B.A. Whizard, II

BA is similar to G Whiz, but it includes darker blue glitters as well as larger blue holo hexes.  It's definitely darker than G Whiz and more blue than the others.  Application is a little less controlled and requires a little more precision with application, otherwise you may get it on your skin.  It comes out of the bottle easily, even the larger pieces, but it's also a little more clumpy than G. Whiz.  Because BA Whiz is a bit more concentrated, it actually covers even more than G. Whiz did, which means that it's pretty much a one coater.  However, I did use two coats for full opacity.

Terrific Twos

Terrific Twos runs right in the middle of the spectrum of this set.  It's not quite blue but it's also not quite teal.  It's some weird in-between.  TT is more teal than either of the Whizes, but it's not as teal as Paraiba and Thank Blue, which are definitely teal.  The particles are generally a little larger than the micros in the Whizes, but they aren't as large as the larger hexes in BA.  It's a bit thicker than the Lynnderellas, so it requires the dab method for application instead of the easy painting from the microglitter Lynns.  TT is a lot like BEGL Sail Her Don't Sink Her if you have it.  It took only two coats to reach full opacity.

In the shade.

Thank Blue

TB is pretty much the odd man out in this comparison, but I wanted to show you the color so you could get an idea of how they all compare to one another.  TB is in a clear base and is predominantly larger glitters versus the micros that make up the other four.  Because of this, you can still see quite a bit of the nail with just one coat.  Also, I definitely needed to do the dab method for this guy to get even coverage.  I'm not sure if it's just because my bottle is old and I've given a decant away or if that's normal for TB, but it's a bit thicker than the other four.  I ended up only needing three coats to cover up all of the bald spots.  It looks pretty cool, but I'm so not looking forward to removal!

Do You Paraiba

Paraiba is probably the darkest of the grouping and is made up of a darker teal micro glitter in a clear base with larger teal holo squares, diamonds, and stars.  Much like with the Whizes, application was smooth without the need to use the dab method.  However, it was a little like BA in that you had to be careful with pooling at the cuticles.  Just don't put too much on your brush, and you should be good to go.  It's pretty much opaque at one coat, but, as per my usual modus operandi, I added another coat for my photos.  The only issue I really had with Paraiba that actually annoyed me was that I couldn't get the shaped glitters out very easily.  It took me a solid 5 minutes of stirring and digging in my bottle to finally get a star out...  So, yeah, if you want the shapes, you've got to be patient!  I only used two coats for the final mani, and it was perfectly opaque.

So, what do you think?  Which is your favorite?  Should I sell Terrific Twos, or should I leave it a giveaway only prize?

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