Friday, January 9, 2015

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Release Info: Spark in the Dark Part 2

Another week down, and only 3 days until the release of the Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Spark in the Dark collection!  Oh, and a little birdy told me (wait, can a little birdy tell me anything if the birdy is me talking to myself???  Hmmm) that there will be a sale of old items next week as well!  :D  [Take 20% off of all items in the tab "On the Way Out!" by using the code GOODBYE.  Remember, discount codes don't stack!  Starts at midnight 1/12 and goes through 11:59 pm est 1/16.]  Anyway, let's get to the polishes!  For the first five polishes, check out my post here.  Now, we'll wrap up with the remaining four polishes set for release this Monday, 1/12, at 3:30 pm est!

First, here's a shot of the full collection.

(L-R): Hypothermia; Wanna Fall In Love Tonight; Counting Down Until I See You; It's Almost After Midnight; Sirens Are Made for Water, Not Snow; The Years Have Been Short; She's Electricity; Never Danced Like This Before; Bound to the City Life

Don't forget, BEGLs come in 10ml mini bottles, too!

Counting Down Until I See You

CDUISY is a light pink microglitter with accents of gunmetal and silver reflective beads.  Please note that the reflective beads are heavier than normal glitters, so you may need to shake your bottle to mix them back in. Apparently, I forgot to take a bottle shot! Oops! Check out the macro below for a closer look. It's a bit thinner and chunkier than my normal microglitters.  Because it's thinner than I'm used to, I had to use the dab method to get even coverage across the nail.  However, don't let the comments stating that it's thin fool you, I still only needed two coats for full coverage, but I dabbed on a third to make sure there weren't any bald spots in the photos.  It dries slightly textured, so I took photos with and without topcoat.  And because I'm obsessed with all things glossy, I used one coat of Peita's Polish Glitter Glaze and one coat of Seche Vite to finish it off.

It's Almost After Midnight

IAAM is a medium-dark grey creme with strong blue shimmer and blue flash. You only really need two coats for full opacity, but I used three for my photos.  In some lights, it looks straight up blue, so I made sure to add a shade shot so you can see that it does actually have a grey base.  It goes on smooth and shiny, so you only need one coat of topcoat to make it glossy.

Never Danced Like this Before

NDLTB is a navy holo with teal shimmers. It's pretty much opaque in one coat, but I decided to wear two for my photos.  Dry time was quick, but I used a coat of Seche Vite to make it glossy.  The teal shimmers are a bit hard to see in my photos, as is the holo flame, but they are both present in person.  I'm hoping that I'll get a chance to take sunshine shots of this one, so I'll make sure to update this post if I can!

Sirens Are Made For Water, Not Snow

SAMFWNS is a somewhat sheer blue creme with satin finish and strong purple flash.  This is the next polish in the numbered limited edition Siren Series, and it will only be restocked on the 12th. The first coat goes on super thin, so it may appear that you'll need several coats for full coverage. However, it's actually opaque in two coats!  As per my usual practice, though, I used three for my photos.  It dries quickly and satin, so I took photos both with and without topcoat.

The full set will cost $67 (full size bottles) | $37 (mini bottles), and the set will include all eight bottles of polish.  For individual full size bottles, the holographics and shifters will be $12 and the cremes, flakies, shimmers, glitters, and microglitters will be $8.50.  The individual mini bottles will cost $6 for the holographics and shifters and $5 for the cremes, flakies, shimmers, glitters, and microglitters.

So, there they all are! Which is your favorite? Are you planning to pick up a few?


  1. Ahhh this collection just makes me really happy.

    1. I'm probably the most proud of this collection than I have been of any so far <3

  2. Beautiful work, as always, Julie!
    Question: Are the "silver reflective beads" in the two microglitters the same ones you used in Siren is a Special Snowflake that makes it all glowy and super-reflective (or are the glow and reflective from two different ingredients in SiaSS?)? Thanks!

  3. Gah I'm so mad I didn't get this set first thing this morning! :(

    1. Awww! Well, you can still purchase the sets individually! They're all still available :) Plus, if you purchase the full collection, you'll still receive a bottle of Hypothermia! :)