Thursday, January 8, 2015

Comparison Thursday: Purple Holos

This week's comparison features purple holographics.  This by no means my full purple holo collection, but I tried to pick a few that I thought would be close in shade.  As you can see, in the bottles they are much closer than on the nail.  None of these are exact duplicates.

Lilypad Lacquer Almost Famous, Enchanted Awesomeness, Color Club Eternal Beauty, and Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Fare the Wind

Almost Famous

Almost famous is the darkest polish in this grouping.  It's got a lovely strong pink/fuchsia flash along with the linear holo.  I'd rank AF third in holo for this grouping.  Application was super easy with the LPL wide brush, and I needed only minimal cleanup.  Luckily, the purple doesn't stain, either, so that's very helpful.  I wore this in two coats with one coat of topcoat.  Dry time was average.  Someone at some point had said that AF was a dupe of EP's Awesomeness, but as you can see, they AF is much darker and has that gorgeous flash.  AF is still available to purchase.


I can't really speak to the application for this one, unfortunately, because I received it in a decant swap and those little brushes are the devil.  It's a lovely bright purple linear holographic that leans every so slightly towards the blue spectrum of purple.  It's the least holographic of the bunch and looks almost slightly scattered in some photos.  It's the second darkest of the grouping.  I used three coats and one coat of topcoat, which gave it average dry time.  Awesomeness, unfortunately, has long been discontinued, and it goes for super high prices on the secondary market.  However, you may be able to find some generous soul to swap you a decant!

Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty is the most holo and lightest of this grouping.  It's also a tad more difficult to apply as it's thin, a bit runny, and has a tendency to bald if you go back over the wet bits.  I wouldn't say that the application is as bad as Layla or Nuf Oh holos, though, so it's not that big of a drawback.  I used two coats with one coat of topcoat, and it dried very quickly.  I've never seen the Halo Hues in stores, but you can still find them on eBay or Amazon, which is where I got mine.

Fare the Wind

Fare the Wind is probably the closest leaning blue out of all of the purples today.  It's also the only one with a strong shimmer element in addition to the linear holographic.  It's the second lightest and the second most holographic.  Application was easy, and I used three even coats for full coverage.  One coat of topcoat made it glossy and helped it dry fairly quickly.  Fare the Wind has been discontinued for the moment, but keep your eyes out as it may make a comeback sometime this year!

So, there you have it!  Which is your favorite purple holographic?  Which of these do you wish you owned?


  1. I think I like Eternal Beauty the best. Great comparison post!

    1. Yeah, Eternal Beauty is just gorgeous! I would highly recommend it to everyone!

  2. I long ago accepted I would likely never get ahold of EP then I gave myself permission to basically buy any other purple holo I fancied. I've bought China Glaze LOL (and many other ChG holos from the various collections), and some of the famous OPI DS holos like Glamour, Original and Amethyst. And many, many, many others :D

    I love all my purple/lavendar/indigo etc holos, it just depends on my mood what looks good at any given time. These all look good to me! :D If you're in the mood to be blinded on a sunny day, Eternal Beauty is the way to go! :D

    1. Yeah, I was glad that I could swap for a decant of Awesomeness, but it's just a plain jane holo. I love the others in this set a lot more, lol! Eternal Beauty is just so stunning, too!

  3. Is it bad that I own all of these, too? LOL

    1. No, not bad at all!! xD I have way more that I could've thrown in, too, but I had to do this quickly before I sold one of the bottles xD