Monday, August 13, 2012

I </3 Comcast

So, my cable, TV, and Internet have been out since last Thursday, and Comcast refuses to send anyone out to fix it until Thursday. That means 7 whole days without any line to the outside world, other than our mobiles. I've already killed my battery 3 times today since I've been at home with a fever...

Anyway, I'm going to attempt posting via my phone. Let's see how this works, shall we?!

This weekend, I continued on my untried crusade. The best way I could think to approach them was by choosing to wear the polishes I'd most likely give away first. I've included some of my wicked old OPI and NOPIs in this stack to make sure I still like them since I haven't worn many of them in years. I chose to try out Crows Toes Absolum - Your Potions Master because I have many similar polishes that I'm trying to compare and determine which one(s) I want to keep. I thought a bright royal blue Would look best as undies, so I chose Elevation Pic de Sotllo.

Pic de Sotllo is so pigmented that I only needed one coat. Also, look at that shine! I didn't even use a top coat since this was going on under my Absolum. It has this gorgeous shiny and rubbery finish. I am seriously in love! Plus, it applied easily without dragging or pooling.

I added Absolum on top, and the mani was perfect!

I mean, look at this closeup! Stunning!

And the sparkle!!

The hubby really liked this mani, so I plan on keeping both polishes. I purchased Crows Toes from Llarowe and Elevation from Lulu's store on Big Cartel. [Sorry I can't link to their stores right now.]

So yeah, mobile blogger is kinda weird and crappy... Hopefully I can figure it out if I can't go to work tomorrow.

Have a great night, everyone!!

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