Thursday, January 30, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday: Dots

Wahooo!  I'm still doing a challenge!  Can you believe it?  Because I definitely can't, lol.

Here is the schedule of events if you would like to follow along or participate.

Remember the rules:
  • The polish you use must be at least a year old.
  • If you haven't been a polishaholic for that long, you can use the oldest polishes you have.
  • The polish should be previously used, but if you're stuck, you can use a polish from your untrieds stack.
  • You can use more than one polish as long as it fits the rules.
All polishes were purchased by me.

So tonight's offering of dots was created using Revlon Powder Puff, and Elevations Pic de Sotllo, Pic de Subenuix, and El Cap.  I used dotting tools I purchased from Dollish Polish a long time ago.  So, here we go!

Powder Puff is a white polish with a faint blue shimmer that dries matte.  This is three coats, which still shows visible nail line.  I'm planning to do a comparison between Powder Puff and my polish, Untrodden Snow, soon, so stay tuned for that!  Application was relatively easy, and it dried fairly quickly without a topcoat.

I used the three Elevations for the dots because I thought they would look great with that blue shimmer in Powder Puff.  Plus, I wanted to wear colors that reminded me of the snow we just got here in Georgia.  All three worked wonderfully as dots without running or separating too much.  Pic de Sotllo is a klein blue crelly that is one of my all time favorite polishes ever, El Cap is a purple with a strong pink shimmer, and Pic de Subenuix is a gorgeous blue-ish purple with a strong teal flash.  Here, I've topped it all off with one layer of KBShimmer Clearly on Top and there was no bleeding, dragging, or smearing at all!

With the snow:

This is actually the first dotticure I've ever really liked.  I didn't make it cluttered like I normally do, so I'm really digging it.  I've also made sure to use a wider array of sizes of dots, which also makes it look nicer than they normally do.  

Powder Puff has been discontinued, but I found mine in a pack of Revlons at Ross.  You can purchase Elevation Polishes at her store.  Follow Lulu's blog and Instagram for news and updates on her collection!

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  1. Julie, I really love this! The polishes you picked are fabulous.

  2. Beautiful closeups, great color choices. Powder Puff does sound a lot like Untrodden Snow, I look forward to the comparison. I love the variety of the submissions!