Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope you all have a happy, warm, and safe day today!  I was contacted by Brilliant Earth a few weeks ago asking if I would join in their How Do You Say Love? campaign.  Brilliant Earth says, 

"Creativity and Perspective: Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to show anyone in your life just how much you care - bit it's also a day to showcase your appreciation, individuality, and creativity.
Friendship and Memories: Love means an array of things to a lot of people.  We love people as well as our passions!  Show us how you creatively spell "LOVE" however it best resonates with you, your life, and/or your loved ones! 
Create: Create your own photo representation of "Love," then give a little insight into your creative expression and what it means to you.
Share: Whether you tell a story, give a quote, express a memory or even jot down a quick blurb, share it with your readers for all to be inspired by!"  *Taken from brochure sent to me by Brilliant Earth.
So, here is my offering!  Since I'm a nail polish blogger and an indie polish maker, I chose to spell out love with glitter!  Glitter makes everything better, am I right?!  The glitter I used came from the little candy full of glitter that I received with my Lynnderella Sweet Art Valentine's Day package that also included All Heart and Heart Spoken.

I can't not show a mani, too.  Here is my Valentine's Day mani.  I used Lynnderella Nail Bed of Roses with accents of Lynnderella All Heart over Elevation Mount Feathertop.  All polishes were purchased by me or given to me as gifts from friends.

Love for me means anything from a warm blanket and a book to spending time with my husband and family.

Love also means spending time doing things that I really enjoy doing, like polish!  Whether it is creating my own unique hand-poured polishes or having fun painting my nails, I always get a sense of peace and restfulness when I'm playing with polish.

Nail Bed of Roses is a clear based polish packed full of red holographic micro glitters and larger red holographic shaped glitters.  This is two coats with one coat of Glitter Tamer and one coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.  All photos taken in artificial sunlight.

Mount Feathertop is a sweet pink/peach tinted cream jelly.  It took three coats to get mostly opaque, but you could still see nail line.  Dry time was quick, and application was flawless.

Here's a nice blurry shot of the two glitter polishes so you can see the sparkle.

All Heart is a mix of white glitters with a colorful mix of hearts in blue, pink, orange, red, black, purple, and silver (I'm sure there are more colors that I'm missing) in a shimmered base with pink holographic micro glitters.  The glitters were easy to get out of the bottle, but be careful as the base is not as thick as normal Lynns!  You'll need to make sure you don't get too much polish on the brush, otherwise you may end up having some pooling issues at the cuticles and side walls.  This is one coat with a coat of Glitter Tamer and a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

You can purchase Elevation Polishes here.  Lulu restocks on the 7th and 22nd of every month, so make sure you follow her blog for news on restocks and new releases!

You can purchase Lynnderella's at their store here.  Follow their fan run Facebook and Instagram pages for lovely swatches, new releases, and fun giveaways!

Brilliant Earth, in their words, provides the highest quality jewelry originating from pure sources and harvested using socially responsible practices.  For more information on Brilliant Earth, take a look here and here!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Whether you spend it with someone else or use the day to pamper yourself, have a wonderful and relaxing day!

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