Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pretty Little Liars: Enchanted Style

Tonight's Red Coat Tuesday is all about Enchanted.  I used Enchanted Polishes November 2013 with a tape mani accent of October 2013.  I'm only going to review November since it is the predominant polish in this main, so let's check out the info below.

All polishes were purchased by me.

November 2013

Color: Burnt red.
Finish: Holographic – pigment gives polish a rainbow in the sunshine.

Bottle / Brush: Rectangle bottle – ribbed cap that is a little hard on the hands to open if you have sensitive skin.  The wand is the standard length, but the brush is a little too thin to pick up large / shaped glitter without fishing.  The brush's width is also an issue for spreading.  It doesn't fan out and pretty much requires you to dab polishes that are densely packed with glitter.

Opacity: High – opaque at one coat! I used two coats, though, for the photos.
Glitter Application: N/A

Consistency: Medium – applies easily and doesn’t flood the cuticles.
Overall Ease of Application: Easy – applies well without pooling, dragging, streaking, or balding.  Spreads evenly and smoothly.

Stampability: Stamps well with great image transfer. This is a quick and dirty stamp over a bare nail, so it smeared a bit when I used Gelous on top.

Dry Time: Quick – dry to the touch without smudging in under 3 minutes.

Overall Thoughts: This is an amazing red holo. Super easy to apply without any dragging, pooling, or balding that you often get with other holos. It's not the most vibrant red holo I own, but it's still quite beautiful. I also appreciated that it was pretty much a one coater, which is always a giant plus in my book. I really enjoyed using it, and I'm looking forward to properly stamping with it. Let me also mention that October seems to be a one coater as I only used one coat over the red.

You can purchase Enchanted polishes at her store, but these two are unfortunately limited editions. You can typically find them, though, on blog sales or in sales groups. Follow Enchanted's Facebook and IG for news and updates.