Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hare Amethystos

Tonight's going to be a quick one - and I seriously mean super uncharacteristically quick - because 1) Blogger decided to delete half of my review just for fun, and 2) although I was stranded at home today due to ice, I still worked a pretty long day.  So, without further ado, I present Hare Amethystos.

*All items purchased by me.*

I was super surprised with how much I loved this polish.  I don't normally like such glitter packed polishes like this, and this is a legit glitter bomb, but I really did love this polish!  I wore this last summer, so I won't have a full review.  Instead, let's just take a look at the pretty pictures.  Make sure to click on them to see more details.

Amethystos is a purple jelly that is packed so ridiculously full of glitters that it's insane.  The glitter mix includes pink, gold, silver, and iridescent glitters in hexes and squares.

This is two coats alone (without undies) in artificial lighting with one coat of topcoat.  Application was easy but a little thick.  As you can see, no shrinkage and it wasn't lumpy or thick.  

Amethystos was released in the fall of 2012, and it appears that it has been discontinued.  However, you can still find it on blog sales.  Otherwise, you can purchase Hare polishes at her store here.  Follow her on Facebook here.

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  1. I love those little square glitters! Hare polish never disappoints :D