Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Release and Restock Info: Far from the Sun Collection

Man, I'm getting this post in under the wire!  Thankfully, I've had some seriously amazing bloggers to help me show off the latest collection in the Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer lineup!  I'll make this somewhat low on details and high on photos.  All of these polishes show two to three coats and the holos have one coat of topcoat.  The textured glitter has one coat of Gelous and a coat of KBShimmer's Clearly on Top.  Dry time was pretty quick, and none of them stained me. Ok, let's get down to business!

The Far from the Sun Collection was inspired by beach sunsets and sunrises.  I attempted to capture the rich colors found in beach sunsets through a combination of bright colors with interesting shifts and shimmers.  Almost all of these polishes were designed to be opaque in one to two coats, so they may need to be thinned to your desired consistency. Check out my inspiration Pinterest board here.

From left to right: Dawn Breaks, Ocean Warmed by the Sun, Intersecting Lines in the Sand, Fare the Wind, Born of the Sea, Sail Her Don't Sink Her, Chlorine Light, and If You're a Seascape.

      Intersecting Lines in the Sand
      A yellow-gold linear holographic with a blue to purple to pink shift.

      Chlorine Light
      A bright blue linear holographic with rainbow micro-flakies with a slight metallic finish.

      Born of the Sea 
      A medium green linear holographic with pink and teal sparking shimmers.

      If You’re a Seascape
      A coral linear holographic with pink to gold shift.

      Fare the Wind
      A darker blue-leaning purple linear holographic with a blue to purple shift and red micro-flakies with a slight metallic finish.

      Ocean Warmed by the Sun
      A teal linear holographic with a strong sea green flash and a purple to red/pink shift.

      Dawn Breaks
      A red linear holographic with gold and purple shimmers.

      Sail Her Don’t Sink Her
      A pink, purple, red, gold, and orange microglitter in a clear base.  Dries with a textured finish.

       This is one coat of SHDSH over Dawn Breaks

      The collection will be available at my store starting July 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm edt.  The linear holographics will be $12, the micro glitter will be $8.50, and the full set of 8 polishes will be $98, which includes DOMESTIC priority shipping.  This will be the first run of these polishes and will only come back at a later date depending on popularity.

      And because I love all of you who read my tiny little blog, I'm offering you a 10% discount code on all items located in the "Far From the Sun" category of the store. Use the code WOABEGDISCOUNT at checkout to redeem!


      1. I love Born of The Sea! And the names are great, too :)

        1. Thanks ;) I've been dying to do a Shins inspired line for forever! :D