Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guest Comparison Thursday: My Life in Polish and Minty Holos

Tonight's guest post comes from the super sweet and awesome Sara from My Life in Polish!  When I put out the call for help, Sara answered quickly and even agreed to do a comparison for me!  I'm stoked that she was able to find some very lovely mint holos to compare for us tonight, and I'm even more excited that they aren't any that I own!  So, check out the lovely post below, and make sure you go give Sara some lovin!

Hey guys!  I'm Sara from My Life in Polish.  Super excited to be posting over here today.  When I asked Julie what kind of posts she was looking for she suggested a comparison.  So of course I immediately jumped to my love of minty holos.  I have an over abundance so this was a no brainer.

My index finger is Hit Polish Nail Lacquer Breakfast @ Tiffany's.  Two coats made it opaque but the formula was kind of a pain, little thick but runny at the same time.  Next in line is Liquid Sky Lacquer Mint to Love.  This is also two coats but the formula was hands down the best of the four.  So creamy and amazing!  My ring finger is Dollish Polish Totes Magotes.  Minty green and an awesome movie quote?  Yes please!  This is the only polish that took three coats.  Good formula though.  Lastly my pinky is NailNation 3000 Never Mint To Hurt You.  It's two coats and a nice creamy formula.

You can see that Totes Magotes is the most holo but by no means is it a freaky strong linear.  Hit Polish and NailNation had the softest holo effect.  The Dollish Polish and Liquid Sky Lacquer are my favorites.  DP because I like the base green color and LSL because it was the all around best polish of the bunch.

So now I ask you to enable me a bit.  What is your favorite minty green holo?  I obviously don't own enough haha (I have more not shown here).  Thanks for reading today and a huge thanks to Julie for letting me hang out here today.

Note from Julie: To answer Sara's question regarding favorite minty green holo - If I can be a bit biased here...  I'd have to say that it would be Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Dorkhead? You Slash Me with Your Words.  But then again, I don't have a ton of true mint holos (or like, any).  ;)


  1. Smitten Polish's Audrey's Rainbow is super pretty too! Love this color! :)

    1. I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks!

    2. I need to get one of these... My stash is seriously lacking in real mint holos. I think the closest I have is a custom I had made for my blog birthday. O.o