Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guest Post: Color Me So Crazy and Northern Star with Femme Fatale

I have another fantastic blogger and good friend providing tonight's content.  There are a few people who I know I can always count on, and Brigitte from Color Me So Crazy is always up at the top of my list.  Check out her lovely swatches of Northern Star Polish and Femme Fatale!  [And can I just say how much I blushed about this first paragraph???  I die!]

Hello Wishes of a Blue Eyed Girl fans!! Today, I have a great combination to show you, but first let me talk a little about this blogger I am guest writing about. Julie has been one of my first nail polish friends. I actually met her when I won one of her very first giveaways on Instagram for her polish line. That was around 2 years ago!! I have gotten to know Julie pretty well and I absolutely adore her!! She works so hard in everything she does. Her real life job, her polish line, her blog, her friends. EVERYTHING! I really think Julie rocks! Anyway, thank you Julie for this opportunity and I am sure you will all be seeing me again soon!!
In the mean time, be sure to check out my little bloggy. I have nails, makeup, skincare products, and even sometimes toddler pictures!!  

For this design, I wanted to do something bright and fun for the summer. I was recently given the Femme Fatale and the Northern Star as giveaway prizes and I thought they made a great combination.

The Northern Star polish is a bright pink linear holographic polish that is just stunning in the sun. The Femme Fatale polish is a lavender crelly with lots of pink, purple and black glitters in a variety of sizes.

The crelly was really nice to apply. Sometimes you get a heavily loaded glitter that just clumps together and doesn't want to apply the glitter nicely. This had a nice even glitter application. A few shakes of the bottle was all I needed to mix it up. This also happens to by my first Femme Fatale polish. I am really impressed and would not mind trying more in the future. 

Also, since I have a new captive audience I wanted to tell you ladies about 3 great services-ish I offer on my blog. I think you will be interested in at least one of them.
1. #RedCoatTuesday- We do a link up every Tuesday in honor of Pretty Little Liars. I know Julie participates. So, if you were wondering how to get involved just send me a message under the contact tab on my blog and I will get you hooked up.
2. Make Me Pretty Giveaways- A list of all of the giveaways I can find from around the beauty world. Check back often for a chance to win some goodies!! You can find that here.
3. NFL Link Up- This is for my football girls. Once the season starts, I do a weekly link up for you all to show your pride in your NFL team. If you want in on this one, just send me a message via my contact page on my blog and I will get you all the info.

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at these pretties as well as learning some new, fun things to do around the nail and beauty world and I hope you check out some of my shenanigans in the future!

Colors Used:
Femme Fatale- Abracadaver
Norther Star Polish- Carnivale