Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A is for A-England Elaine and Digital Nails My Violet Crown

I'm horrible at playing along with challenges, but I really am trying hard to keep up with my Red Coat Tuesday, and now the #alphamani challenge I'm doing in one of my Facebook Groups.  Last week's "theme" was A-England.  I only have one, Elaine, so I decided to pair it with a special Digital Nails polish that went really well with Elaine.  I received the Digital Nails polish in a special swap I did with Raph, the maker, and I seriously love it!  Let's take a look at Elaine with accents of My Violet Crown.  

A-England Elaine is a deep almost eggplant purple creme.  Application was smooth and super easy.  I didn't need to do much cleanup at all.  The layers went on smooth, and I only needed two coats for full opacity.  I topped it off with a layer of Seche Vite to make it nice and glossy.

My Violet Crown is an indigo based polish with a strong purple to blue shift, silver micro holographic glitters, and a dash of holographic pigment.  It was a tad on the thicker side, but I added some thinner, and it was perfection.  I used three coats with one coat of Seche Vite, and it had a gorgeous glossy finish.

As you can see, I've cropped my nails short again.  I find that I tend to like them shorter in the winter time since the cold and wind can really kill them, my cuticles, and my skin.  If you follow Born for a Storm, you're probably already familiar with the Cutie phenomenon.  Cuties are nails that are intentionally short.  Those of us who like to wear our nails super short never have a nice name for our nails.  People call them nubs, but that's such a pejorative term in the nail community because usually after nub the words ugly, boy hands, or gross closely follow.  To counteract that mentality, Sara and I decided to come up with a new name to describe intentionally short nails - the cutie.  So, if you have cuties, we welcome you to post your manis on IG or FB and tag them as #cutienailclub and #clubcutie.  That way we can all celebrate our short lovely nails!

Anyway, you can purchase A-Englands in several places including Color4Nails.  While My Violet Crown isn't available for purchase, you can grab other Digital Nails polishes at her shop here!  So, how would you describe your nail shape?