Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Red Coat Tuesday: Lynnderella Berry Much in Love

Tonight's Red Coat Tuesday will be a quick one since I didn't get to schedule this one beforehand (Tuesdays are date nights, so I usually can't pop onto the computer until after he falls asleep).  Tonight we're going to take a quick peek at Lynnderella Berry Much in Love over Zoya Sookie.

First, the rules!

  • Paint your nails red, do your lips red, do a shadow design in red, or do anything beauty related that is mostly red.
  • Add your blog and photo to the inlinkz!  If you don't have a blog but do have an IG, you can check this link for directions on how to use your IG for inlinkz.  If you don't have a blog or IG, you can just add your photo to the linkup or send it to Color Me So Crazy, and she will get them up for you!
  • Use the #RedCoatTuesday tag when you share your photos on IG, Twitter, or Facebook!

Zoya Sookie is a bright almost tomato red creme that is perfectly opaque in two coats.  Application is super easy without the need for much cleanup.  Dry time was average, but I didn't have any issues with adding the glitter topper on top right after applying the undies.

Berry Much in Love is a clear based polish with red hexes and squares, yellow hexes, pink blossoms, green stars, and a bunch of other shapes in red, green, yellow pink.  Application was easy without the need to dab for placement.  Also, the glitter came out of the bottle easily without the need to dig.

Dry time was average, but I did use a quick dry topcoat.  Even though it's a glitter bomb, it's not topcoat hungry, so I only used one coat of KBShimmer's Clearly on Top.

You can purchase Zoyas at beauty supply shops.  You can purchase Lynnderellas on their shops at eBay and Storenvy.

In the end, I didn't love this combo, but that's probably because I didn't love Berry Much in Love as much as I was hoping I would.  It came out during Christmas, so I didn't really feel that its use was all that great outside of Christmas time.  Zoya Sookie, however, is one of my all time favorite reds.  Its perfect brightness and opacity make me super happy.  What do you think?  Do you like this combo?


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