Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Red Coat Tuesday: Elevation Fall-ow Me Up North

Well, tonight's polish isn't quite red, per se, but it's close.  I'm starting to run out of red polishes, so I guess it's either time to buy some more or I'm going to have to start using things that are kind of red for the future, heh.  Who are we kidding.  I'll probably buy more.  Let's get to tonight's Pretty Little Liars Red Coat Tuesday linkup featuring Elevation  SBP Polish Fall-ow Me Up North, which was an amazing surprise gift from my friends MaryJo and Sara!  Also, I'm currently rocking some cuties, which we can discuss in more depth tomorrow!

First, the rules!

  • Paint your nails red, do your lips red, do a shadow design in red, or do anything beauty related that is mostly red.
  • Add your blog and photo to the inlinkz!  If you don't have a blog but do have an IG, you can check this link for directions on how to use your IG for inlinkz.  If you don't have a blog or IG, you can just add your photo to the linkup or send it to Color Me So Crazy, and she will get them up for you!
  • Use the #RedCoatTuesday tag when you share your photos on IG, Twitter, or Facebook!
Gifted to me by friends.

Fall-ow Me Up North is a small batch prototype from Elevation Polish, which are always highly sought after and a pain in the butt to obtain.  Luckily, I didn't have to do the work for this little baby because it was sweetly gifted to me by friends who were trying to help me feel better after a pretty horrible interview.

FMUP is a lovely orange-leaning coral with red mylar-style flakes.  It's got a bit of a crelly consistency, and I only needed two coats for full coverage.  I used three, though, to make sure there weren't any bald patches in my photos.  

The consistency was great, and it didn't flood my cuticles or get all over the place...  On my swatch hand.  On my right hand, however, it was all over the place.  Cleanup wasn't too hard, but I did have some spots left on my cuticles that I couldn't get off with remover.

While SBPs and Samples are super difficult to grab during restocks, you can purchase other Elevation Polishes at her shop here.


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