Monday, February 9, 2015

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer February Releases Part 2

It's been a busy couple of days due to some tight deadlines at my day job plus prepping for today's preorder!  Remember, this month's release is a preorder that will be up until 3:30 pm est on 2.10.2015.  If I have enough stock left after I fill the preorders, I will list them on the store, but some polishes may not be available after the preorder.  You can check out the first half of the Crooked Hearts Collection here.  Let's take a look at the last three from that collection as well as the latest in the Siren Series, Siren Sweetheart.

Cold Inside Me

Cold Inside Me is a teal creme with green to blue to purple shifting glass flecks.  Unfortunately, you can see the purple flecks best in the bottle but not very well on the nail.  Otherwise, the blue and green show up really nicely in the bottle and on the nail.

I used two coats here with and without topcoat.  I had to take my photos in the sunshine because this color really messed with my camera.  It's very bright and definitely teal, but all of my indoor photos made it look blue.  CIM dries with a satin finish, so you will need to add a topcoat to get a glossy look.  Dry time was quick, but I still suggest using a quick dry topcoat so you can get back to using your hands more quickly.

The One Worth Leaving

TOWL is a deep berry pink with pink and purple glass fleck shimmers.  The shimmers can look flat in photos, but they're very bright in person.  This polish is a little less thick than most of my polishes, but that's because I needed a not-quite-but-almost-jelly formula so you could still see the shimmers without the opacity dulling them.  Because of this, I used three thick coats for my photos, but you could probably do four thin coats if that floats your boat.

TOWL is probably up in my top favorite BEGLs ever, and I just love the effect it gives.  It's vampy and yet demure.  It would be a great work appropriate color that has just enough extra umph to make it fun.  I didn't have any staining issues with this one, which is great because my nails and skin tend to not like deep reds/pinks.

Might Not Recover

This is probably one of my blingiest polishes.  It contains platinum flakes, silver reflective beads, silver holographic microglitters, and purple/lavender holographic microglitters.  This one seriously shines like only one other polish I've ever made.  The first coat can be a tad tricky depending on your base coat, but you can easily use the dab method to get great coverage in two coats.  Here, I've worn three to make sure I covered up any bald spots.

Please note that reflective beads are slightly heavier than normal glitters, so they may sink to the bottom of your bottle.  Simply roll your bottle upside down between your hands or store it upside down while you're prepping your manicure to mix them back in.  I used two coats of Seche Vite to get a super glossy finish as it does dry a bit textured.

Siren Sweetheart

Siren Sweetheart is a clear based glitter topper packed with blue/green iridescent glitters in varying shapes and sizes, white glitters in hexes, squares, rectangles, dots, diamonds, and stars, and periwinkle glitters in hexes, dots, and mini stars.  Application was relatively easy, but you may have to dig a bit for some of the larger glitter pieces unless you store it upside down during your mani prep.

Here, I've worn it in one coat and a few glitter placements over BEGL Hydrangea and accent of Cult Nails Tempest.  It looks thicker than it really is, so I'm not sure why my photos are doing that.  I only needed one coat of Seche Vite to make it smooth and glassy.

Again, the preorder for the Crooked Hearts Collection is open at my shop until tomorrow at 3:30 pm est.  If there's anything left after I fill the preorders, I'll be adding it to the shop.  So, which are you most excited about?

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