Thursday, December 20, 2012

Comparison Thursday: Purple Flakies

Well... Comcast came and determined that we need a whole bunch of crap to fix our low signal. Thus, I'm still without Internet and TV. I'll go ahead and get this posted, but I'm sure I'll have to fix the formatting when I get to work tomorrow. Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll do it in the order I upload them?! Doubtful. Here we go!

Tonight's Comparison Thursday includes OPI Merry Midnight and Cult Nails Seduction. Both are purple with green, blue, red, and orange flakies. Check out the bottle shots below.

Merry Midnight is in a base that is actually more maroon than purple. Think Clarins 230, but with shifting flakies instead of shifting pigments. The flakies are pretty, but they aren't very bright. It applied easily enough with the flakes spreading without much work. It was a bit goopy, though, because it's a pretty old polish, but that's remedied with a drop or two of thinner. This is three coats. Merry Midnight has been discontinued, but you can sometimes find a used one at salons.

Seduction has much more vivid flakies in a brighter purple, leaning almost indigo, base. The flakes are so vibrant and remind me of Essie Shine of the Times, SH Hidden Treasure, Color Club Snow Flakes, a Layla Ceramic Effects whose name I can't recall (and that I put down just before checking out at Ulta on Tuesday), and Nfu Oh 51. The purple base is about the same color as Max Factor Fantasy Fire. It applied well, but was a bit patchy. You can see how the Seche Vit pulled it back at the tips- probably because I had to use four coats to get full opacity... It's a much cheaper and more easily obtainable option than Merry Midnight. You can purchase Cult Nails at Overall Beauty and a few other Etailers. It's too hard to search on my phone, so I'll update this with links in the morning.

Take a look at the difference in the color shift between the two.  Both are gorgeous for different reasons.

(Indoor lighting)


I'm going to leave you with a haul pic! I may've posted some of these before, so I apologize for any redundancy! I've been on a buying spree, but that will end as soon as it hits January. I'll also be slogging through my stash for more things to sell. I pretty much got rid of all of my drug store brands, so I'll only have salon and indies for sale. I'll let you guys know when I've added it all to my sales page.

Haul front row: BL Black Knight, Elevation Colline du Charf, Zoya Storm, Zoya Blaze, Zoya Aurora, Elevation Elbrus (soon to be discontinued!!)
Haul second row: Glacier Bay Blues, Mrs O'Leary's BBQ, MPJ brown scattered holo, "Have You Seen My Limo?" (this has holographic particles in it, so I think it may be a salon franken), Standing Room Only, "Done Out in Deco" (again, I think they mixed something into it), and "Hey! get in Lime!" (again, it looks like a salon franken...)
Haul third row: Kelara Saturn, Mother Earth, Dragon Scales, Daydream, and Mercury, Amy's Nail Boutique ECOPLO and Silent Night, NVL Joker
Haul fourth row: Lynnderella Magic Fairy Stars, The Glittering Crowd, Mysterious Ways, Candy Wrapper, Spumoni, New Year's Eve Eve, Angel Food, and Happy Holodaze.

Which of the two comparison polishes would you rather have?


  1. I want them BOTH. I love Flakies! I think Seduction is prettier, but I believe a girl can never have too much nail polish. Especially flakies and glitters!

  2. Both GREAT polishes to have! Merry Midnight kind of reminds me of Orly Fowl Play!