Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Holidays Giveaway: Prize Three

Wow!  Sorry about last night.  I got caught up doing some work, and then my computer decided to die...  Then my printer decided to be a pain in the ass.  Yeah.  I was about to go Office Space on their asses.

Then, tonight, the hubs and I decided we should probably go get our tree.  We usually get our Christmas tree from the baseball team of the high school nearby.  This year, though, we waited too long, so we went to Pike Nurseries instead.  They had some pretty gorgeous trees for only $30, so I think that it worked out alright.  We try to usually shop locally instead of through chains, but it just couldn't be helped this year.  We drug the tree in and put it up.  Now our kitten, who has never seen a tree before, is going bananas trying to figure out what it is and how he can play with it.  I'm afraid we're going to have this situation going on before the holiday is over...

Anyway, enough about my crazy week, let's talk shop.  Tonight we're going to talk about the Holiday Giveaway prize number three!  

First, let's take a look at Soflajo Yule Tidings.  Yule Tidings is an olive green based shimmer polish full of holographic micro glitters in red, silver, gold, and green and giant gold hexes.  Application was great!  Everything came out of the bottle easily and spread on my nail without any extra effort on my part.  This was two coats with one coat of NYC Grand Central Station.

Check it out blurry so you can see how awesome the holo glitters are.

Here's a closeup so you can actually see the colors better.

Next up is Girly Bits Long Winter's Nap, which is a grey creme base that leans a little toward dusty purple.  It is filled with periwinkle, bright blue, and gunmetal hexes of varying sizes.  Like all Girly Bits polishes, I had no problems with application.  This is a jelly, but it's more opaque than normal jelly glitters, which means you only need a few coats for full coverage.

This is the perfect polish to wear on a chilly winter day.

Color Club Snow Flakes from the Winter Affair collection is pretty much a dupe of Essie Shine of the Times.  I don't think the combo I used here does Snow Flakes any justice.  It really is a pretty polish, it applies well, and the scent isn't too bad.  However, it doesn't really look very good over Ho Ho Holiday.

Maybe the green interfered too much with the color shift, but the macro is lackluster.

Orly Miss Conduct is an absolutely gorgeous bright pink scattered holo!!  It is extremely pigmented, so it didn't take much for full coverage.  The holo came out to play even with indoor lights.  The only down side - it stained my nails even though I was wearing my Rejuvacote base coat.  So my nails are little pinkish orange now.  Womp womp!

I don't know, though.  I think it's worth it.

I mean, look at that holo!

Lastly, I present to you Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer the Man Who Makes the Toys.  MWMtT is a red jelly with green and red shimmer, red and green hexes, iridescent hexes that shift from blue to green, and holo gold stars.  The polish builds up easily in two coats, but I used three for the photos.  The stars aren't as difficult to get out as they are in other polishes, which was a pleasant surprise!

You can purchase Soflajo from Jody's site and her Etsy store. You can purchase Girly Bits here, here, here, here, and here.  Lastly, you can purchase Orly and the Color Club scented Winter Affair collection at Sally's Beauty Supply.

Ok, you've seen 3/4 of the prizes so far.  Have you picked your favorite prize pack yet, or are you waiting for number four to make your decision?


  1. All of these are nice. Too bad you don't sell your polishes, I really like Man Who Makes The Toys. The Girly Bit's Long Winters Nap is absolute gorgeous. That would be one I want since I currently don't own any gray. ;D

  2. What a great giveaway! It's hard to choose just one! Your polish is amazing!

  3. I am seriously in LUST with Orly Miss Conduct. Even with the nail staining. Every time I see it in a photo I drool a little. I am expecting a Sally's gift card for Christmas so it will be in my hot little hands by January.

  4. I love how unique the colors in this prize pack are! I don't think I've ever seen colors similar to these xoxo