Thursday, December 6, 2012


Firstly, thank you, everyone, for the well wishes.  I'm feeling much better today.  Still exhausted, but not achey anymore.  I always manage to come down with small little funks with a low fever and a general run-down feeling.  They only last a few days, so I think the worst is over.  Hopefully it's nothing more serious!  Secondly, I ran out of comparison swatches...  I have tons of stuff to compare, but I just flaked and forgot to swatch them.  Oops!  I'll make sure to photograph a few comparison swatches this weekend so I won't get caught with my pants down again.

Let's take a look at Zoya Twila.  Twila is a clear based polish with silver and blue bar glitters.  Some people have complained that the glitters in their Twila bottle have either faded or that the bottle has more silver than blue.  My bottle, though, had the perfect mixture of both colors.

The bar glitters are on the thicker end of the spectrum.  The polish dried gritty with the bars sticking up a bit in places.  It's nothing that an extra coat of top coat couldn't fix, though.  This is three coats, and, as you can see, it's pretty much opaque.  I think it could also work well layered.

The silver bars aren't holographic, but they do shimmer in the light.

I'm not a huge fan of bar glitters, so this polish wasn't really for me.  It applied well, and the glitters spread evenly without any manipulation.  If you love bar glitters, you should definitely check it out.  You can buy Twila where Zoya's are sold.

In other news, did anyone get anything at the last Dollish Polish restock?  I snagged the mystery shade We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat and Space, the Final Frontier.  I also ended up picking up a few of the Color Club Halo Hues from that deal I posted on Facebook.  I'm pretty excited, too, because I got an extra Harp on It for a special friend.  I cannot wait to gift it to her!!!!!  (Originally, I bought it to hold onto for later, but I think I like the idea of springing it on an unsuspecting victim better, lol!)  I have a few more polishes and other gifts that need to be delivered for the giveaway, which I'm hoping will get here soon.  I may have to show you guys pictures of what I have now, and then update the pictures as more prizes trickle in.  Would you prefer that, or would you rather I wait until I have entire prizes gathered?  Lastly, I only have a little bit of Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream left.  It's devastating.  I ordered some balms from 365 Days of Color, but I'm afraid they won't get here in time for me to seamlessly replace my empty BB canister.  I suppose I'll have to use oil in the meantime.  Although, I do have some really tasty smelling oil from Northern Star Lacquer!  

Are you waiting on any nail mail?


  1. Nope :( I got the last nail mail for awhile (unless I win a giveaway) back to back Tues and Weds.. . I hate having no reason to stalk the mailbox!

  2. I just got some black friday nail mail! But nothing else is on its way that I know of.

    Did your twila settle in the bottle? All 3 of my bar glitters from last year's holiday collection have settled really hard in the bottle. Like it takes me a while to mix them up and within a week they are settled again.

    No issues with fading blues though

    1. Nope, my bottle seemed just fine. I'm just not into bar glitters...

  3. I'm waiting on Girly Bits January Morning. Can't wait to get that!

  4. that is one pretty polish! glad you are feeling better.

  5. Beautiful polish! I still haven't tried Zoya yet. I'm afraid it'll probably be awhile (unless I win one) since I'm going on a no-buy while the company hubby works for is on their semi-annual 3 week holiday shut-down.

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