Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I asked you guys what I color I should paint my nails today, and you guys said purple purple purple! While I am painting my nails purple (actually as I type this), I have another purple mani to show you guys tonight. Let's take a look at Hare Medusa Luminosa over my purple SOG mani.

Here's the purple gel I made for myself. I don't have any purple gels, so I mixed some up! It turned out really really well. Unfortunately, I dumped most of it on my cream carpet mid-manicure, so I didn't get the application right... It didn't last long on my nails, which sucks. I will say, though, that whoever first discovered using Windex to clean up polish spills on carpets is a GENIUS! Anyway, here's what I wore as undies for several of my purple manicures a few weeks ago.

Next, I topped it with Hare Medusa Luminosa. ML is a purple jelly based polish packed with tons of blue iridescent hexes and purple shimmer. It applied really well, but dried a little gritty, which was easily corrected with two coats of my top coat. 

It just glows!!! I seriously love this polish. 

Here's a macro shot. 

My camera wasn't really capturing the beauty of this polish, but I was able to get a decent one with my phone in the sunshine. Excuse the grainy quality of the photo. I haven't really figured out how to take decent pictures with my phone yet, lol. 

You can purchase Hare on Nikole's Etsy store or at Llarowe. Follow Hare Polish on Facebook for shop updates and news on new collections.

What's your favorite purple polish?

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