Thursday, March 21, 2013

Comparison Thursday: Neon Blue/Teal

Tonight's Comparison Thursday is brought to you by the color teal.  I have a comparison that I'm actually pretty excited to show you tonight.  One is an easy to find drugstore brand, while the other is a foreign brand.  I received both from swaps, and I really like both of them.  Without further ado, I present Sinful Colors Savage and Kiko 341.

I'm not sure why, but the colors aren't showing up very accurately.  My photos lean more towards bright blue than a solid neon teal, so keep that in mind when you're taking a look.

Savage is a true neon that dries matte.  With that, though, comes application issues.  Mattes are very tricky for me, for some reason.  If you don't go fast enough, you'll get clumping when you go back over semi-dry polish with fresh polish.  However, if you go too fast, you'll lose accuracy.  For the price, though, this polish is fantastic, and a great alternative to the next polish, Kiko 341!

Kiko 341 is an Italian brand polish that I received from a swap with an awesome lady in France.  It is so ridiculously pigmented that it looks great at one coat, but I used two for photos.  It dries super glossy and applies so easily.  I didn't use a top coat in these photos, so that gloss is all 341.  It is a touch darker than Savage, but they're close enough that Savage could definitely squash a lemming if you toss on some top coat!

Here are both topped with Lac Attack Jewel of the Nile, which is a fine matte polish with blue, yellow, and purple hexes in the style of Floam.

You can purchase Kiko on line here, or you can do what I did and swap someone for it.  You can purchase Sinful colors at Walgreens.

Which do you like better?


  1. Omg I LOVE Savage. One of my favourite polishes ever!!

  2. I have to say Savage is the one for me, if for nothing else the ease of finding it! I have also recently really gotten into mattes. I'm using Glitter Food for the granule microglitters that I can get full coverage with in a couple of coats and Glitter Food really helps smooth that out. Then I've been topping with Matte Magic from China Glaze. Savage and the glitter shown above are so very perfect! Thanks so much for the review!