Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tutorial: Orly Nail Rescue

Well, I keep getting a break on my swatch hand index finger in the exact.  Same.  Spot.  It is infuriating.  I'm having to interrupt a wear test to patch it, which is annoying.  I'm still going to finish the wear test, but I'll just have to note that my index finger was redone on day 3.  Anyway, since I'm having to patch my nail tonight, I thought I'd post a tutorial on how to use my favorite patching tool - Orly Nail Rescue.  The break and photos are from a thumb break just before Valentine's Day.  Unfortunately, I broke it too badly, so the patch only held for about 3 days.  I have, however, successfully patched my index finger for over a month until the damaged part grew out.  I really like this Orly product.  It's pretty simple to use, and it actually helps.  The only negative I have is that it dissolves in acetone, and since acetone is my preferred method of removal, I have to redo my patch each time I take off my mani.  Let's take a look at how to use it.

Here's my break from a few weeks ago.

First, remove any polish on the nail with the break.  Be careful when you remove it so you don't make the tear worse.  

Next, gather your tools.  

You'll need the Orly Nail Rescue kit, which comes with a tiny buffer, the Nail Repair powder, 

and a brush on glue.  

My glue glued itself shut, so I purchased this ibd 5 second glue from Sally's for replacement.  Try to store your glue right-side up to ensure that it doesn't glue itself together.  You'll also probably need another buffer since the one it comes with is flimsy and doesn't have much grit.  I use a medium / fine from Sally's.

Brush on one thin coat of glue.

Try to push the split pieces together for just a second so that the two pieces adhere to one another.

Next, while the glue is still wet, dip your nail down into the powder.  Press it in to pack the powder onto the nail.  Shake off the excess powder into the little tub.

Once it's relatively dry to the touch, wipe off the excess powder from around and on the nail.

Repeat the gluing and powdering steps once more.  The break should be repaired at this point, but repeat again if you feel like it's still flimsy.

Next, take your buffer and buff the patch down until it's smooth.  Don't over-buff or else the patch will be too thin.

Lastly, swipe a little bit of remover over the nail to remove any access powder and debris.

There you have it!  That's how to use the Orly Nail Rescue kit.  It's seriously a life saver for me since I tend to have flimsy nails due to my thyroid's never ending revolt against me.  I purchased my repair kit from Sally's for about $8, but I'm pretty sure it's also available at Ulta as well as other online retailers.

Do you patch your nails when they break, or do you cut and file them down?


  1. Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm sure there a lot of ladies who stress when bad breaks like this happen.

    1. Of course! :) I try to put a bandaid on if it breaks while I'm away from my kit so it doesn't snag and break worse. I know a lot of folks use the teabag method, but I'm not really sure how to do that one. This one is pretty user friendly. Plus, it doesn't take long to do, and it has lasted me a very long time. I've had the kit since early last year, and I'm still not even halfway through the powder yet!

  2. I knew the thyroid could affect your hair, but had no idea it could affect your nails too. Interesting. I guess it could explain somewhat why mine are have started peeling here lately as I have an underactive thyroid and forget my meds more often than not. Thanks for the info on this kit and the thyroid! By the way, I usually cut and file mine, but since I know now that this is a good option and so easy to use, I just might be more tempted to try to patch them until the break/snag/etc grows out.

    1. Oh yes, hypothyroidism effects your skin, hair, and nails as well as your weight and metabolism. I have Hashimotos, which is an auto-immune issue why my thyroid, so my nails have been notoriously bad. I've been finding that using my Rejuvacote as well as my Sunny's Miracle Balm has done wonders for my nails. I mean, look at yesterday's post and compare it to my nails in today's post. Massive difference!

  3. Mine split on the side so I just file it crooked till it grows out, hate when they are short.