Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Holiday Week: Christmas!

When Christmas came around, I did a bunch of nail art that I posted at the holiday.  I never got in this little mani, though, because I was all focused on nail art.  Tonight, however, I'm finally going to dust off the mani that I actually wore on Christmas.  Lynnderella Candy Wrapper, Lynnderella Spumoni, and Elevation Mount Yu.

Candy Wrapper is a bright fire red with varying sizes of red hexes and red holo hexes in a red jelly.  There's so much glitter in this bad boy that it required the dab method to spread onto the nail.  It's one of those glitter bombs where the glitter to base ratio is seriously off, but in the right direction.  I hate polishes with more base to glitter.  This definitely doesn't have that problem.  Here, I've used three coats of Candy Wrapper without any undies.  Be careful, though, because it builds up very quickly.

Spumoni is a very lightly tinted mint green based polish with mint green hexes, white diamonds, bright red hexes and squares, black hexes and squares, and matte cherry red squares with a green shimmer.  It's not as tightly packed as Candy Wrapper, so it didn't require as much manipulation for the glitter to spread evenly.  I also didn't have to fish for anything, which was nice.  I used one coat on top of two coats of Elevation Mount Yu.  It's a match made in heaven!

You can purchase Lynnderella at her store here.  You can purchase Elevation at her store here.

What's your favorite holiday mani?  What did you use or did you do any nail art?

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  1. Nice Christmas mani :D I did simple Christmas trees on the kids, but I just wore Dollish Polish Greased Lightening.