Thursday, November 8, 2012

Comparison Thursday: Fuchsia Glitters

Today's Comparison Thursday is a biiiiiiit of a stretch.  It was one of those things where I was sitting staring at my Hare Dog Day Dream mani and started wondering how close it was to Candeo Orchid and Elevation Pata Puffer.  Why not try it out and see?  Yeah, they're all totally different.  Each one is beautiful for different reasons.  I present to you: A-Not-Very-Good-Comparison Thursday: Fuchsia Glitters.

They each have a berry jelly base, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.  Pata Puffer has micro and medium fuchsia holographic hexes.  Dog Day Dream has red, purple, and fuchsia hexes and purple squares.  Orchid has silver holographic hexes in three sizes.

Here's what they look like with a little intentional blur to see the bling-factor.

Pata Puffer applies well, like almost all of the Elevation Polishes I've used so far.  Its holographic glitters are gorgeous, but tend to muddy up the base a little making it look cloudy.  It's not cloudy, though, just super saturated with micro glitters.  The larger hexes flash between fuchsia and purple depending on the light.  It's very flashy, and I really like it!  Sadly, it was a limited edition polish and is now discontinued.

Hare Dog Day Dream, like I posted on Monday, applies well and builds nicely.  It looks great over red, but I'm sure it would look pretty good over other bright shades.

My Candeo Orchid has sinking glitters.  It is irritating.  Apparently, this is a widespread problem with Orchid, which is totally weird!  Unfortunately, because the glitters sink, they are extremely difficult to get out of the damn bottle despite shaking and rolling until I was blue in the face.  They were also pretty hard to spread.

Honestly, you could probably get away with only having one of these, but I think that you could also get away with keeping all three.  If I had to give one away, it would probably be Orchid.  Which is your favorite?  You can purchase Candeo at their store and on Llarowe, and check out their Facebook page for updates.  You can purchase Elevation polish on her Big Cartel site and Etsy on the 7th and 22nd of each month.  [HOT TIP! Lulu still has some of her Kickin' it Ole School collection on both sites!  After this month, those guys are going back into retirement, so snag them now now now!]  Follow Lulu's blog for updates.  Lastly, you can purchase Hare on her Etsy store, Overall Beauty, and Llarowe.  Check out Nikole's Facebook page and blog for updates.

In other news, Nerd Lacquer is back!  Check out her post here for more info.  I hope she is able to get back on her feet with a positive support system soon.

Do you own any Nerds?


  1. I love Orchid! Such a pretty colour shame about the sinking but from what I can see it looks worth it :)

    Jazz x

  2. no nerds... YET! hehe was so excited when i saw the announcement about her coming back, i got into polish only after she left.