Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hare A Positive

Tonight's will be a quick one as I'm currently working...  Yeah, I totally put it off until just now.  Not such a great idea, lol.  Let's take a look at Hare A Positive.

A Positive is a berry red jelly with silver hexes in three sizes.  In pictures the hexes appear white, but they most assuredly are silver.  It was a tad thick, so I think it would work better once thinned.  The glitters came out easily.  In fact, there are too many glitters for my liking, which may seem like blasphemy.  They spread well despite the crazy amount of glitters in this polish.

As you can see from the closeup, there is A CRAPTON of glitter.

I'm not 100% sold on A Positive.  It was a lemming of mine for a while, but I feel like my bottle is different from the swatches I've seen on the internet.  The swatches I've looked at seem to have far fewer/much more sparse glitters on the nail.  I plan to thin it, so I'm hoping that will help with the amount of glitter that comes out on the brush.  I feel like my relationship with Hare is very hot and cold.  There are polishes that I absolutley adore, like Dog Day Dream and The Sky was Pink, and then there are polishes that I'm just not a fan of, like Asteroid Turf.  I just placed an order for 4 more (another A Positive, which will be traded/sold/given away, Bisbee, Pegasus, and Bury the Hatchet Fish).  I also have several more to wade through before I can give my opinion on the line as a whole.  I'll definitely let you guys know what I think once I've worn enough of them to form a more accurate opinion.  You can purchase Hare at her Etsy store and Llarowe.

In other news, check out my nail mail for today!!  Zoya Lotus, Lynnderella Nosegay, and Zoya Tru.  Plus, tons of really super tasty amazing candies!!

What do you think about A Positive?


  1. very pretty! i love nosegay - i have always wanted it.

  2. Ohhhhh that hare is gorgeous! The glitters do look very thick though :( but I love love love the berry colour!

    Jazz x