Friday, November 2, 2012

Last of the Halloween Manis

Well, I had originally started the blog with the intention of doing one recipe (specifically a gluten free recipe) per month.  Yeah, that isn't happening.  I keep forgetting to take pictures when I cook!  Anyway, for those of you who like the recipes, I may toss one up here and there, but it won't be a regular feature of the blog (unless I get high demand for it, but I doubt it).

Anyway, let's take a look at the last of my Halloween polishes!  Let's start with Dollish Polish Deadly Nightshade.

Yesterday's swatch: What's This? What's This? on the accent nail.

This one applies a little bit weirdly.  It's sheer with just one coat, but builds up well with two or three coats.  However, it dries a little dull.  It's very bizarre.  You can kind of tell from the swatch shot because it isn't as shiny as most other polishes - even with a top coat on.  The glitter came out easily and spread well, so the only issue I had with it is the finish when it dries.  Anyway, it's a purple based polish with dark purple, fuchsia/bright purple, and bluey-teal glitters.

Next up is Dollish Polish Vampire's coven.

This is my favorite polish from Dolly's This is Halloween collection.  It applies evenly, the glitter spreads well, and it's gorgeous!  It has a black base with red, wine, and black glitters.  If you see this baby on a blog sale or up for swap, grab it!  It's a truly special polish.  You can check out my comparison of VC to Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire and Sonoma Deadly Zins here.

I was very surprised by Dollish Polish I'm the Boogie Man (which I actually have on right now!).

Don't be fooled by its snot green color.  This is one very complex polish!  In one light it's green, but in another it's gold, and in another there are flashes of red shimmer.  The polish spread evenly, and the glitters went on without any manipulation on my part.  You don't need a base color with this guy, but it definitely looks good over gold.  Here, I'm wearing it without an undies.  I tossed on 3 coats of Wet 'n Wild Go with the Glow and managed to get a pretty decent picture of it!

I'm saving the best for last...  Girly Bits Boo-Berry!

One coat over Dancing in the Sheets

Three coats of Boo-Berry by itself

Whoa momma.  This polish is stunning!  I paired it with one coat over Deborah Lippmann Dancing in the Sheets, which is a really pretty blurple.  On my ring finger, I used only Boo-Berry with three coats.  It builds really well on its own, but I wanted to try out the DL since it was sitting in my untried bucket.  Boo-Berry is a gorgeous blurple jelly with super fine shimmery particles (I couldn't really make out what color they were because they were so tiny and shiny!), purple hexes and squares, blue hexes and squares, and hot pink hexes.  It has amazing depth even with just one coat.  I couldn't help but stare at it all day.  I don't necessarily think of Halloween when I see this polish, which is great because I plan to wear it often.

And that's all she wrote!  I hope you've enjoyed my Halloween manis.  As always, you can purchase Dollish Polish at her store, Llarowe, and Overall Beauty.  Although, be aware that Dolly has discontinued her This is Halloween collection, so you'll need to snag them from friends or blog sales.  You can purchase Girly Bits at her store, Llarowe, Overall Beauty, and Mei Mei's Signatures.

Which is your favorite?


  1. I'm loving Boo-Berry, it really is gorgeous!
    Great swatches! Keep em' coming (even though it only makes me wish I had ability to buy all the polish I wanted).

    1. Yeah, reading polish blogs gets me into a bit of trouble, lol! I haven't bought any new polish in a week! Working hard to keep on a no/low buy, but it's hard. I know I'll definitely be trying for some Elevations next week. :)