Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reader of the Month & Comparison Thursday: Blue Holo Edition

It's reader of the month time again!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get another indie before this drawing, so the winner's choice will be from the following:

1 full size bottle of a handmade polish made by yours truly.

Check out my Frankens album on Facebook for your options.  All of my polishes are hand mixed by me without the use of premade polishes.


Revlon Saucy and Copper Penny

Nail Art & Care Supplies

Your winner for the month of October is......

Huixiang Ouyang!  Congratulations!!!!  I've sent you an email, so please respond within 48 hours or else I'll have to choose another winner.  Remember, reader of the month for November starts today, so keep up the interactions!  Any prize not chosen today will continue to be offered every month until they're gone.  Thanks so much for all of your participation!

Now, let's get on to Comparison Thursday!  I dug through my archives and found some blue holographic polishes I had shot a few months ago.  Also, I just want to go ahead and apologize for the atrocious state of my cuticles.

Today, we're looking at OPI Blue Moon Lagoon, Layla Mermaid's Spell, OPI DS Sapphire, and China Glaze 2NITE.  I tossed in OPI DS Glamour, too, but it's way too dark to really compare to the others.

Wow, dry hands/cuticles!  Sorry bout that!

Blue Moon Lagoon and Mermaid's Spell are the closest in color, but Mermaid's Spell has a much clearer rainbow effect than BML.  Sapphire is a little lighter and less teal, but it also has a really strong holo effect.  2NITE, while very pretty, doesn't have a very strong holo effect and applies like crap.

BML is a tealish light blue holographic polish from the Summer for Shore collection, which has been long discontinued, and was made up of gorgeous holographic polishes.  If you see this polish, or any other polish from the Summer for Shore collection, in a salon, grab it and run!  It is absolutely gorgeous in person.  It applies well, but is a bit thin.  This is three coats.

Layla Mermaid's Spell is made with a grittier holographic particle, so the rainbow effect is very strong.  Unfortunately, it applies like most holos - you have to work very very fast otherwise you'll get dragging and clumping.  You can still get the Layla holos at Ulta.  It is really very pretty, but I traded it with a friend (Tomboy Nails) since I'd rather have BML.

OPI DS Sapphire is gorgeous.  It's from the first original DS collection back when they were still making the DS's with "diamond dust" and were still linear holographic.  The OPI DS polishes all apply really evenly without the clumping or dragging that occurs with most holographic polishes.  Unfortunately, Sapphire is discontinued, BUT I managed to find mine at a local CVS a couple months ago.  I think they're still cropping up occasionally, so just keep your eyes peeled!

China Glaze 2NITE is a pretty dusty blue, but my bottle doesn't have a very strong linear effect.  The holo particle used isn't as large as in the Layla or the DS's, so that's partially why the rainbow isn't as bright.  Although, I did take this shot when it was dark out, so that could be to blame.  2NITE applies like a typical holographic in that it dries so fast that if you don't work quickly it will clump up.  Sadly, 2NITE is also discontinued, and I haven't been able to find another blue holo quite the same color.  If you see it in a salon, definitely pick it up.

Ugh, sorry for the blurriness.  I'd usually retake a pic like this, but I'm lazy today.

I'll cover DS Glamour another time since it doesn't really fit in with this comparison, but here's a pretty picture of it for fun.

I'm sorry that I'm dangling all of these discontinued polishes in front of you guys!!  I found all but the Layla from dusty hunts, so just keep your eyes peeled next time you head to the salon!  Well, it's time for me to finish watching From Dusk til Dawn with the hubs.  This movie is amazing!!!  Gory as hell, but amazingly ridiculous.  Congrats again to Huixiang!

Which blue holo do you like the most?


  1. oh my god yay!! :D thank you so much!
    and, love DS Sapphire!

  2. Love this comparison! I have Blue Moon Lagoon,Sapphire, and Glamour. Glamour really is dark but Fantasy is even darker! I find that Glamour takes on a more blurple hue when held against more true blues.

  3. Congrats Huixiang! Love the comparison today.

  4. I like OPI DS Glamour the most :)