Thursday, November 15, 2012

Comparison Thursday: Light Purples

Today's Comparison Thursday will be quick and dirty.  Since we're looking at cremes, there aren't any macro shots.  Hopefully, though, you can see how these four polishes compare to one another.  Let's take a look at Revlon Charming, OPI Rumples Wiggin', OPI Done out in Deco, and Essie She's Picture Perfect.

Three of the four are straight up cremes: Charming, RW, and DoiD.  SPP is a shimmer.  This is three coats for the cremes and 2 coats for the shimmer.

I made this guy giant so you can see the details a little better since I don't have any macro shots tonight.

Charming is the cheapest alternative to the four light purples.  It's a Revlon, so it does have a bit of an application problem generally.  You know, it's sheer in some spots but clumps in others.  Luckily, it didn't give me any problems with this swatch, so it looks pretty good.  It's just a hair darker than RW and a bit lighter than DoiD.  It's a pretty good substitute for the other three polishes as it's close in color, not discontinued, and not ridiculously expensive.  Charming is available where Revlons are sold.

Rumples Wiggin' has a pink tint making it lighter than the others that all lean a little blue.  It has the best application of them all.  Unfortunately, it's discontinued, but you can still find it at salons both used and new.  If you decide to get a used bottle, make sure it hasn't been sitting near the window as the color can quickly grey out.  I've seen some RWs that look blue because they've faded so much.

Done out in Deco is a dusty lavender that spreads evenly and smoothly.  Unfortunately, it is also discontinued and goes for quite a bit of money on ebay.  However, again, you can find this guy at salons if you look hard enough!

Finally, there's Essie She's Picture Perfect.  SPP is a light purple with a pink shimmer that makes this polish glow.  Unfortunately, it applied the worst out of the four tonight.  Usually, I have the most problems with the Revlon, but for some reason the Essie was being a major pain today.  You can even see the clumpiness on the right side wall. 

Since these are cremes, there's not a whole lot to say.  The OPIs applied the best out of all of them.  If you can't find RW or DoiD, I think that Revlon Charming would be a pretty good substitute.  What do you think?

Which is your favorite?

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